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However, the party is only three hours long. Morton (DMD Publications, 1997) Foundation, Fall, and Flood by Glenn R. In this article I will address the false gospel … Continue reading → Selling the Stairway to Heaven: Critiquing the Claims of Heaven Tourists Jim Osman Kootenai Community Church Heaven visitations are all the rage today. Q: But why, do you think, is it important to study apologetics? One cannot be a Christian without knowing Francis A Schaeffer, The God Who Is There, 30th anniv ed (Downers Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press, 1998), pp 205-6 31 Sadly, many self-described “evangelicals” and “born again” Christians do believe that God offers salvation through other religions This is taken up in chap 23 32 I agree with Alvin Plantinga’s comment that Christianity is “the maximally important truth” (Warranted Christian Belief [New York: Oxford University Press, 2000], p 499) what Christianity actually is Here the Christian worldview and doctrine are primary Any candidate for conversion should believe that (1) God exists as a holy being before whom all humans are held morally accountable for their transgressions (sins); (2) the malady of sin is so deep and pervasive that any rectification of the problem must come from outside of our wounded and rebellious beings; (3) God, the loving and just author of salvation, sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to live the perfect life we cannot live and to make atonement for our sin in order to provide the way of reconciliation between us and God; (4) the reality of this work was vindicated by Christ’s unflinching obedience to the Father, his death on the cross and his death-defeating, life-affirming resurrection from the dead The path of forgiveness and restoration is open to all, but only by faith alone and only through the finished work of Jesus Christ alone 33 Only if we believe in the truth of the Christian message will we be able to trust the object of that message: God as revealed in and through Jesus Christ This component of faith is fiducia, or trust; it is closely related to belief, but involves more than bare assent It includes entrusting oneself in an existential act to Christ and his cause While Scripture speaks of the need to “believe” in God, it also speaks of those who “received” him (John 1:12) A person believes that certain biblical propositions are objectively true; then the person subjectively appropriates these truths as his or her own In so doing, the person gives allegiance to the object of these truths: Christ himself Trust in this case may be likened to marriage A lover believes many favorable things about his or her beloved before marriage, but only becomes married after sincerely affirming, “I do,” and giving oneself to that partner Faith in Christ, biblically understood, guides and inspires a new way of knowing, being and doing It has effects that James summarizes as “good works” (James 2:14-26; see also Ephesians 2:9) These works—which include inward renovation, both intellectual and moral, as well as outward behavior—are not the basis or warrant for one’s favorable standing with God That status comes by grace alone and is received by faith alone in Christ alone (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5) However, where faith takes root, fruit takes hold and grows (Matthew 7:15-23) This understanding is See Francis A Schaeffer, The Finished Work of Christ (Wheaton, Ill: Crossway, 1998) More will be said on the nature of the gospel message in chap 20 vital for apologetics because of the pandemic problem of false conversions and nominal Christianity Given biblical criteria, far more Americans claim to be Christians than are truly glory bound Apologetics aims at conversion, not generic spirituality or religious externalism Conversion requires repentance, as Jesus and John the Baptist and all the Hebrew prophets made so clear (Matthew 4:17) While a call to repentance might be thought more the job of evangelism, it factors into apologetics for two reasons First, apologetics labors to present the Christian worldview One aspect of that worldview is that people are disordered in their passions, self-centered, guilty before a holy God and in need of radical forgiveness and transformation Repentant faith is the way into new life in Christ 34 Second, apologetics should show that repentance makes sense because Christianity is true, rational and, in Pascal’s sense, “attractive”—it promises our “true good ” This true good is the restoration of the person through the achievements of Jesus Christ Apologetics also equips questioning or doubting Christians to find the intellectual confidence to be a wise witnesses to the truth of the gospel As Christians master apologetic arguments, their knowledge of the truth and rationality of their beliefs increases, thus giving them a stronger platform for explaining and defending “the good news of God’s grace” (Acts 20:24) The Christian’s goal should be to gain “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” concerning the Christian worldview (Colossians 2:3) The articulation of a sound philosophical method of apologetics is the burden of chapter three However, I conclude this chapter by relating some very practical issues of apologetics pertaining to dialogue, discernment and context 35 The forums for apologetic presentation are legion, and we should use our sanctified imaginations to figure out new ways to present ancient truths However, some forums are, in a sense, static One publishes an argument, either in a book, an article, a letter to the editor, a tract, a postOn the necessity of repentance for conversion, see John MacArthur, The Gospel According to Jesus (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1988) 35 See also David Clark’s excellent treatment in Dialogical Apologetics (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1994); and Greg Kokl, Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009) ing to a webpage or blog, or through some other written form—and that’s that 36 These statements may elicit a response, which in turn can be responded to by the apologist, but the dialogical aspect is usually minimal Other forums are more dialogical because they involve direct discussion These include face-to-face meetings, lectures with a question-answer session, debates, letters, e-mails, phone calls and so on Although dialogue can devolve into a pointless exchange of mere opinion with little intellectual challenge, it need not do so The spirit of persuasive dialogue was alive in the teaching and preaching of Paul throughout the book of Acts Paul rationally engaged Jew and Gentile, common person, royalty, and philosopher—all for the cause of Christ This, in fact, is true for all the outreach in Acts As Ajith Fernando says, “All the messages recorded in Acts had a strong apologetic content ”37 We can seek similar dialogues with unbelievers of all sorts These dialogues necessarily involve all of the virtues requisite to apologetics discussed previously Especially important is the humility that involves the willingness to listen and temper our responses to the intellectual and spiritual condition of the one who is engaged This requires certain relational skills as well as worldview discernment Love for the lost also carries a cost for the apologist, as Schaeffer noted: This kind of [apologetic] communication is not cheap To understand and speak to sincere but utterly confused twentieth-century people is costly It is tiring; it will open you to temptations and pressures Genuine love, in the last analysis, means a willingness to be entirely exposed to the person to whom we are talking 38 In defending and commending the faith, Christians need to detect exactly what their dialogue partners believe about reality While the technical discussion of worldviews falls into set categories—theism, deism, pantheism, naturalism, polytheism—people’s beliefs are not always that well categorized Through hundreds of interviews over a period of twenty While many Christian tracts are reactionary, simplistic or otherwise offensive, the medium itself is worthwhile I have written tracts and distributed them over the years For a discussion of the use of tracts, see Douglas Groothuis, “Event Specific Evangelism,” in Confronting the New Age (Downers Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press, 1988) 37 Ajith Fernando, Acts, The NIV Application Commentary (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1998), p 30 38 Schaeffer, God Who Is There, p 149 years, my students in Christian apologetics at Denver Seminary have found that people often hold a smorgasbord of beliefs that do not easily fit into any unified worldview There may be a dash of Christianity (left over from Sunday school), heaps of New Age spirituality (for personal enrichment), a dose of naturalism (about scientific matters) and, of course, substantial seasoning by relativism (which is everywhere) The savvy apologist must shift through this welter of conflicting beliefs through intent listening, as well as caring but challenging responses The apologist should reveal that he or she is trying to understand what the unbeliever’s beliefs are, how these beliefs relate to each other and how they are connected to the external world and the individual life Once a person’s worldview has been identified, the apologist should work on establishing common ground with the unbeliever in order to move closer to the Christian perspective If the unbeliever is an atheist, we must start from scratch and argue for theism However, the atheist may (inconsistently) believe in objective moral truth If so, there is significant common ground If the unbeliever is a theist, but not a Christian theist, then the emphasis will be on things unique to Christian theism, particularly the incarnation But besides worldview detection and looking for points of common ground, we need relational wisdom as to when and how to present arguments for Christian truth Apologetic “dumping” or “blasting” with little concern for the state of the soul of the unbeliever may relieve pent up tension and display the apologist’s knowledge, but it does little to bring anyone closer to eternal salvation Some people are quite ready to get an earful of Christian truth; others are so closed that one must retreat and restrategize for another occasion 39 We need discernment into the human heart for wise apologetics, as Pascal highlighted: We think playing upon man is like playing upon an ordinary organ It is indeed an organ, but strange, shifting and changeable Those who know only to play an ordinary organ would never be in tune on this one You have to know where the keys are 40 See Jesus’ discussion of “pearls before swine” in Matthew 7:6 Pascal, Pensées 55/111, p 44 discourse (which takes time, effort and discipline), we must deliberately seek out contexts in which these ideals may be lived out Although we may find ourselves in apologetic discussions “on the fly” in less than ideal situations (God often engineers such divine appointments), the best intellectual environment is usually one in which there is silence and time to reflect and discuss the things that matter most This ambience should be as free as possible from distracting stimuli—particularly television, the great destroyer of truth and rationality—and the hurried and harried atmosphere of contemporary culture 41 Silence, however, is a rich atmosphere for rationally engaging truth, and should be cultivated 42 The virtues of hospitality and conviviality loom large on the apologetic horizon Opening up one’s home for discussions with unbelievers is ideal Sadly, however, it is infrequent, given the breakdown of community and the tendency to “cocoon” inside one’s home, spending more time in front of the home entertainment center than with other humans in conversation about what matters most Much of the success of Francis and Edith Schaeffer’s ministry in reaching unbelievers came as a result of inviting unbelievers to live with them at their L’Abri ministry in the Swiss Alps 43 Of course, few of us have chalets in the Alps, but the principle of closely associating with and loving unbelievers holds true nevertheless THe suM oF THe MATTeR: DeFenD THe TRuTH Here is the sum of the matter We must earnestly endeavor to know the truth of the biblical worldview and to make it known with integrity to as many people as possible with the best arguments available To know God in Christ means that we desire to make Christian truth available to others in the most compelling form possible To be created in God’s rational, moral and relational image means that our entire being should be aimed at the glorification of God in Christian witness A significant part of that witness is Christian apologetics See Douglas Groothuis, “Television: Agent of Truth Decay,” in Truth Decay (Downers Grove, Ill: IVP Books, 2000); and Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death, 20th anniv ed (New York: Penguin, 2005) 42 On the importance of silence, see the Kierkegaard quote on p 154 43 For the remarkable story of the Schaeffers, see Edith Schaeffer, L’ Abri, 2nd ed (Wheaton, Ill: Crossway, 1992); and Edith Schaeffer, The Tapestry: The Life and Times of Francis and Edith Schaeffer (Waco, Tex: Word, 1981)

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OCCA students receive regular teaching from acclaimed lecturers such as John Lennox, Os Guinness, Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing, Frog Orr-Ewing, Tom Price, Sharon Dirckx, Keith Small and Tanya Walker as well as teaching from Ravi Zacharias at special functions during the year Many Infallible Proofs: A Series of Chapters on the Evidences of Christianity, or, the Written and Living Word of God (1886 ) He answers the questions that a skeptic would have before becoming convinced that Jesus really is Lord and that all men are called to be His disciples. So, why publish a Spanish version of this book? In Latin America (much as in the USA) people hold these beliefs: That science has wounded Christianity with a death blow. It is just a matter of time until all Christians will hide the fact they are believers, if they choose to still believe download. We as the Church and as parents have one chance to get our next steps right. West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, Brace E pdf. Reasons to exclude a book are inaccuracies (historical, geographical), doctrines that are inconsistent with the other scriptures, lack of divine characteristics (prophecy, teaching, expression of relation to God), focus on legends and folklore. The apocrypha (``hidden/concealed''books) enjoyed only local and temporary recognition but were excluded very early because they don't meet all the acceptance criteria epub. Of course some people see truth this way. However, the implications of their view do not materialize until it is pressed to its logical conclusion. 2 To be fair, most people who make these statements do not hold to extreme relativism --the idea that truth’s value is relative to each individual’s personal belief The Lifted Veil: Viewing Your World in the Knowledge of Christ The Lifted Veil: Viewing Your World in. Anyone at all can publish on the Internet; part of our work is to confront those who are plainly in error, cultic, or presenting themselves as orthodox. We are not trying to shut down their web sites. We believe we can reach many of the misguided or misled Christians who have gotten side-tracked from walking with God. Welcome to Christian Internet Apologetics ref.: Our Christian Faith: Answers download for free

And the few who do recognize this word (as well as "Discernment Ministry", in this context) connect it with a very strict and fundamentalistic view of the faith, one they probably fled for their own soul's sake ref.: The Message Behind the Movie: download pdf Elmer Towns, Dean Emeritus of Liberty Baptist Seminary, recently sent me an email that stated, "The next great trend in the evangelical church is 'apologetic evangelism', those who can go and give a defense of the faith while they present the Gospel. That means you are on the cutting edge of the next trend in Christianity." Christian Apologetics “The official number of known Greek NT MSS stand now at 5, 760” (Wallace 96). Christian Apologetics Although there are several thousand variants among the manuscripts (they were, after all, copied by hand), no variant affects a core belief of Christianity. Most variants have to do with mechanical matters such as spelling or style , e.g. Jesus: The Testimony of Prophecy & History (IBRI Research Reports Book 39)

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If the naturalist is correct then there is no purpose to life whatsoever, except perhaps the evolutionary "purpose" to procreate and create as many copies of my particular genetic material as possible online. Very few writings survived from that era. An alternative interpretation is that the concept of Peter founding the Christian church in Rome did not develop until after the middle of the 2nd century CE ref.: Unapologetic: Why, Despite read for free read for free. Apologetics is helpful to those people also who are at the verge of believing in Christ, but are hindered in their final commitment by the alleged conflicts between reason and the Christian faith. Once the Christian apologist demonstrates the logical consistency of Christianity, the doubting believers are strengthened in their faith, and the doubting unbelievers are motivated to accept Christ and the Bible , e.g. Europe and the Faith The Big Book of Christian Apologetics: An A to Z Guide A well-known proponent of Christian apologetics, Geisler has assembled an extensive and comprehensive guide that covers practically every important area of defending the faith , cited: Walter Martin Speaks Out, Series II (4 Tapes) Deism is one of the most difficult world views to argue against. We should limit our answer to demonstrating that the theistic answer is just as good and even better than deism pdf. I have opened the post up to the World Wide Web but please read it in light of its original context The Bible and modern thought Its a YouTube account but under it is a stream of apologetic videos titled Growing & Going. We plan Lord willing to have a podcast up at some point. Will the podcast be apologetic in nature The Great Revolt vs. The download epub If you are a Christian with your own ministry or internet blog and would like to join our team, please feel free to email us below: Our focus in the last three “Why I’m Catholic” blog posts has been on whether or not the New Testament presents us with a Christianity in which the Bible functions as the only real authority, all other authorities, when you get down to it, being merely advisory Thinking About Christian download online

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Although Tolkien wrote these words some years later than The Hobbit, they are an insightful window into his literary world. Additionally, the quotations above (and many others like it from this essay and Tolkien’s letters) provide the reader with a bridge from the literary, sub-created world of Middle-Earth to the world outside the pages (even though Tolkien saw those two worlds as closer than most people) How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism. I'm 16 by the way, so I don't know as much as I probably should about the bible, but I've seen some pretty creepy stuff but for right now I'm just going to mention this one incident that occurred last night. Despite formal similarities, Islam and Christianity operate on very different wavelengths. Islam is law-oriented, not theology-oriented, and Muslim society is ideological in nature ref.: The Apologetics of Joy: A Case read online Hence, love should be extended to all persons everywhere without distinction. Mo-tzu condemned the ethic of family loyalty as the root cause of all social conflict and warfare [sic!] , e.g. Turning Points read epub Turning Points. Interest in the rapture has trickled down from Bible scholars to the common people. Even the ordinary person senses that the end times are drawing near. At some undetermined point in the future, Jesus promised that believers would be taken out of the world. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. (Matthew 24:21 KJV) Most scholars in modern times are “Pre-trib” , e.g. Can Man Live without God read online. Many priests are quite ignorant on this subject. What I know about it I have learned form talking in R pdf. The pastor and several adults had spent much of the past year preparing the future of Christ's Church's for this one day, when they would join Christ and the adults of the church in Communion , cited: God Made Insects (A.P. Reader) Where Did Cain Get His Wife?: What About Inbreeding? - How did Cain find a wife when he had just killed his only sibling. If he married a sister isn't that genetically bad and against the Bible's laws against incest The Rise & Fall of Scientific download here Quoted lines are 140-145 on p. 315. "The higher the hill, the stronger the wind; so the loftier the life, the stronger the enemy's temptations." Without question, the world-wide web is the new frontier in Christian evangelism but too much evangelism still follows an outmoded approach. This invaluable resource will be found here The Essence of the Christian download online Islamic eschatology does not offer such a hope. A third assumption is that God has provided the guidance that people need. "Guidance" (hud�) is one of the central themes of the Qur'an; the verb form of this root alone occurs some two hundred times, and the noun form 85 times, not to mention similar terms and ideas A Sermon Against Atheism read pdf How do you answer an invitation to attend a meeting where you know nothing about the speaker or what will be done there Proofs of God: Classical read epub Do we need God or can we get along fine without Him On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers They make promises for God, which God may or may not carry out, about miracles, healing, personal happiness, fulfillment, security, romance, freedom, sanity, wealth, fellowship, revived marriages, and problem resolution download. Romanes lost his faith in God and in the divine origin of the Christian system. However, just prior to his death at the age of 46, the young professor reclaimed his theistic belief. Six days before his death he said, "I have now come to see that faith is intellectually justifiable.. . online.

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