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Conservatism, liberalism and socialism can be called ideologies, as they constitute "comprehensive set of beliefs and attitudes about social and economic institutions and processes” (Lawson, 44). The corporte globalists and the government and the zionist jews couldn't have done it without the profits and taxes they collected out of the mostly white consumers had the white people had paid closer attention. Conservatism: The Resurgence of Classical Liberalism As Keynesian liberalism evolved to include more and more state interference in the market, a backlash movement grew in the 1950s and 1960s, taking the name of conservatism.

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Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging the Faith

Many see strong connections to the values of Nazism and the irrationalist tradition of the romantic movement of the early 19th century Niche News: The Politics of read online Presumably, after all, the cohort’s gender remained relatively constant. And students tend not to have significant changes in their financial status during their college years. It is, though, interesting that there are significantly more self-identified “far left” and “far right” ideologues in the non-college sample , e.g. Our Virtuous Republic: The read epub But what about conservative in the media? Well let's look at the two most popular conservative figures in the media. Rush Limbaugh: 1530 out of 1600 SAT, 147 I. Bill O'Reilly: 1585 out of 1600 SAT, 150 I. Conservatives are more educated than liberals. Conservatives have more intellectual professions than liberals. Conservatives are more successful than liberals. Conservatives are more intelligent than liberals , cited: Downing Street Years Despite or because of its contradictions, 'ideology' still plays a key role in semiotics oriented to social, political life." [33] Authors such as Michael Freeden have also recently incorporated a semantic analysis to the study of ideologies Dispatches From Latin America - On the Frontlines Against Neoliberalism (06) by Ballve, Teo [Paperback (2008)] In contrast, the Nazis sought to offer a more "Christian" and "German" form of "national socialism." During the same speech, Hitler further criticizes Germany's Catholic Center Party for maintaining its support for democracy: By trying to preach that democracy is still in the best interests of German Catholics, the Center Party placing itself in stark contradiction to the spirit of the treaty signed today by the Holy See Thomas Paine's Rights of Man download here Mark Riebling, "Prospectus For a Critique of Conservative Reason (Sept. 2009). Ever since 1953, when Russell Kirk produced its intellectual coat of arms, conservatism has been "what Edmund Burke wrote." This is the equivalent of Arthur Danto ’s institutional theory of art — art is whatever the art world says it is , cited: Arguing Conservatism: Four Decades of the Intercollegiate Review

Does individual anxiety reflect an anxietyladen culture? Does the authoritarian personality reflect an authoritarian culture The Tea Party and the Remaking download online download online? The term “progressives” implies this belief that the advancement of morality is possible and desirable. The sensation of deteriorating social morality is not merely an artifact of the modern Western world; people in ancient Greece, Israel, China, Rome, and nineteenth-century Europe have expressed similar concerns, according to the research of social psychologist Richard Eibach Equality by Default: An Essay read here Phillip Blond notes that the share of non-property wealth and assets of the bottom 50 per cent of the population fell from 12 per cent in 1976 to just 1 per cent in 2003 Conservatism Revisited: The download here Does he care whether conservatives or liberals put him here? The same pattern applies to conservative and liberal attitudes towards every issue in existence. Everything a conservative says in response to criticism reduces to: “Our way worked just fine before you came along.” Everything a liberal says in response to criticism reduces to: “What gives you the right to tell us what to do?” Neither is capable of serious self-criticism based on genuine ethics Nature and Liberty download for free Nature and Liberty.

Our Republican Constitution: Securing the Liberty and Sovereignty of We the People

Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America

If burning fossil fuels was harmless, for instance, would Democrats stand behind a politically fraught plan to price carbon just for the fun of it? If the private insurance industry had somehow contained costs and covered 98 percent of the people in the country, would Democrats be demanding major, complicated reforms to the health care system Culling: Toward an 'Adult Conversation' with the American Public on War, Wealth, Equality and 21st Cen-tury Financial Reality However, rather than sounding dangerous or overwhelmed, Reagan calmly brushed aside Carter's attacks, shaking his head and saying, "There you go again." The Tories can make the massive cuts they feel are necessary to ensure the ongoing viability of Britain’s credit rating, and the Lib Dems can impose a tax on banks and massive bank profits, along with stricter regulations The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to download online The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert. Much in the same way people are raised to be Christians, many Republicans are raised to be conservatives. For many of these people if they were to decide to no longer be a Republican it would be similar to someone who was raised in a staunch religious family deciding that they were an atheist , cited: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization (Politically Incorrect Guides (Paperback)) Constitutional restrictions, political checks and balances, adequate enforcement of the laws, the old intricate web of restraints upon will and appetite—these the conservative approves as instruments of freedom and order. A just government maintains a healthy tension between the claims of authority and the claims of liberty The End of Liberalism download online. I somehow doubt Christians will be eager to use this latter example. Times were different in Jesus day; today we have a different economic and social system. With this argument, conservatives abandon their source of authority. To say that Jesus represented his own time is to say that his words do not matter any more The Unabomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and Its Future

Willful Liberalism: Voluntarism and Individuality in Political Theory and Practice

America Alone

The Obama Haters: Behind the Right-Wing Campaign of Lies, Innuendo & Racism

A Force Upon the Plain: The American Militia Movement and the Politics of Hate

By John Rawls - Political Liberalism: Expanded Edition (Columbia Classics in Philosophy) (2nd) (2/22/05)

The Rise of the Tea Party

It's My Party Too: The Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America

Conversations on Liberalism and the Church

Wrong for All the Right Reasons: How White Liberals Have Been Undone by Race

Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind

Turning Right at Hollywood and Vine: The Perils of Coming Out Conservative in Tinseltown

Civil Civil Society in Communist Eastern Europe: Opposition and Dissent in Totalitarian Regimes (ECPR Monographs Series)

In Defense of the Religious Right: Why Conservative Christians Are the Lifeblood of the Republican Party and Why That Terrifies the Democrats

The Bible of Unspeakable Truths

Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream

Universal Difference: Feminism and the Liberal Undecidability of 'Women'

Modern Religious Liberalism: The Destructiveness and Irrationality of Modernist Theology

An Account of Denmark (The Thomas Hollis Library)

Turncoats, Traitors, and Fellow Travelers: Culture and Politics of the Early Cold War

What's Wrong with the Christian Right

Modern Free Society and Its Nemesis: Liberty versus Conservatism in the New Millennium

Not unlike the degraded justification for suffering in the face of a benevolent and omnipotent Christian deity, the exploited worker who gets up early and puts in a 14 hour day for a pittance in the bosses mine or factory internalizes the ideological view that such suffering and dehumanizing work was an inevitability in the natural order that was free choice act on his part. * Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) was a leading Italian Marxist Norman Podhoretz and download for free Possibly reflecting his economic views, Venus is sesquiquadrate Neptune. Chuck Schumer has Pallas trine Pluto and (more loosely) conjunct Mercury. He is consistently pro-war and a leading advocate of gun control (civilian disarmament being a precondition for extremely oppressive regimes such as Nazi Germany). Indicating his strong support of government economic intervention, Pisces and its co-ruler Jupiter are on his Second House cusp and Neptune is semisquare Venus How Many Is Too Many?: The Progressive Argument for Reducing Immigration into the United States (Chicago Studies in American Politics) Liberals view America as yet needing to be civilized (the process of achieving utopia). When you have a conservative President like Ronald Reagan he describes America as a “shining city on a hill”, but when you have a liberal President like Barack Obama, he goes around the world apologizing for America Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a. A central administration, or a corps of select managers and civil servants, however well intentioned and well trained, cannot confer justice and prosperity and tranquility upon a mass of men and women deprived of their old responsibilities Niche News: The Politics of News Choice Scholars have used the organizational ecology framework to identify the social conditions that make it possible for SMOs to arise and acquire the resources needed to survive, and have considered such issues as how the appearance of multiple SMOs — sometimes competing with one another for supporters, financial resources and influence — can constrain the activity of any one of them, with implications for success and organizational longevity Somebody's Gotta Say It read pdf Further, economic liberals kept more tickets for themselves when the target was an investment banker than when it was a social worker, and vice versa among conservatives. Thus, people were more likely to discriminate against ideologically dissimilar others, and moreover, did so on the basis of the ideological dimension mismatch. Together, this evidence suggests that if we only think of ideology as simply “liberals vs. conservatives”, then we risk ignoring important ways in which liberals and conservatives may be similar (e.g., social conservatives and economic liberals both being relatively high in need for cognitive closure) as well as important consequences of different types of ideologies for policy attitudes and intergroup relations , source: Conservatism Collectiv Conservatism Collectiv. Pacifism is also possible, and even pro military, but jingoism is out of the question for most parties. Socialists will support political reform only when militancy or reform movement power is high, but they never support political reform repeal. This lack of support is perhaps odd due to historically widespread endorsement of political reforms such as universal suffrage by such socialists as Karl Marx (among other reasons these political reforms enfranchised the socialists' voters) Liberalism in Action, a Record download pdf download pdf.

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