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In this era of big data, political pros of course have other tools at their disposal that make analysis of these large groups less relevant. All of that makes it hard to unpack how much genes and environment each contribute to the shared political attitudes of identical twins. This incestuous dominance of power structures would enable and buttress decades of “apartheid” rule, and also allowed for the arrogance that led many within the National Party (in its 1948 – 1994 guise) to never question their divine right to rule, even as the country burned at Sharpeville and their conservative white citizens were taxed into a slow poverty to fund their” upliftment” ideas for black homelands.

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The Major Effect

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Conservatism: its principle, policy, and practice : a reply to Mr. Gladstones speech at Wigan, 23rd October, 1868 Volume Talbot collection of British pamphlets

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Reformist socialism &sometimes termed evolutionary. +undamentalist socialists. :artly in response to this. looking to reach an accommodation between the efficiency of the market and the enduring moral vision of socialism. the nature of the socialist project. and that it promotes freedom in the sense that it satisfies material needs and provides the basis for personal development.collectivism over individualism. and has articulated the interests of oppressed and disadvantaged peoples in many parts of the world.. value of socialism is e uality. or ethical socialism. and some would say defining. socialism is portrayed as morally superior to capitalism because human beings are ethical creatures.! second distinction is about the 'means' of achieving socialism , e.g. Conservatism and Collectivism, download epub On this view, a black American should enjoy rights that are denied to white Americans — not because of some injury or harm one has done to the other or because of some contract, but merely because one is black and one is white. Similarly, Native American Indians should have rights that a black does not have , source: Liberalism in Mexico, 1857-1929 read here. The brilliant Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci* felt that what was missing was an understanding of the subtle but pervasive forms of ideological control and manipulation that served to perpetuate all repressive structures. He identified two quite distinct forms of political control: domination, which referred to direct physical coercion by police and armed forces and hegemony which referred to both ideological control and more crucially, manufactured consent , cited: Freedom Not Yet: Liberation and the Next World Order (New Slant: Religion, Politics, Ontology) download for free. As creators and disseminators of ideas, intellectuals were playing a more significant role in American life than ever before We're Still Right, They're Still Wrong: The Democrats' Case for 2016 download here. Reagan supported anti-communist groups around the world. Through the Reagan Doctrine, his administration funded various right-wing, anti-socialist groups in Latin America, especially the "freedom fighters" in Nicaragua, as well as in El Salvador and Guatamala The BIG Black Lie: How I Learned The Truth About The Democrat Party

Thomas Jefferson personally wanted power to be at the most of a district level, and Thomas Paine (who inspired the Declaration of Independence) was skeptical of ANY government power. George Washington didn't like paper currency. Benjamin Franklin and James Madison hated the idea of sacrificing liberty for security (gun control, invasion of privacy, etc.) Of today, they would disagree with the platforms of the Democratic AND Republican parties and would most likely support the Libertarian Party or the Constitutionalist Party , source: How Fox News KO'd The read here Liberals are typically concerned with the rights of the oppressed and unfortunate – this, of course, does not mean that they ignore the rights of others (liberals represent the best interests of the middle-class in America). This has led many liberals to lobby for the rights of homosexuals, women, minorities, single-mothers, etc Urban Liberalism and download online

Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

[Do the Right Thing] By Huckabee, Mike(Author)Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America[Hardcover] on 18 Nov 2008

Seeing people as incapable they feel compelled to protect promote equal opportunity for all people in the nation. It is the job of the government (state) to help solve social ills and to protect the civil liberties of all. Liberals have a strong belief in individual and human rights. The role of the government should be to protect and guarantee that no person is in need , e.g. Chronicling Obama: Our First Media-Elected President So, if the farmers can bring them to market for $1.00, then they make a profit. BUT, when gas and other costs such as labor, Obamacare, liability make the cost to the farmer $3.00, but the market will only bare $3.48... the farmer now only makes a $.48 profit. He/she will look for better revenue sources and the market loses tasty raspberries! But, let government get involved and see what happens The Church Faces Liberalism: read for free! Consistent liberals, on the other hand, volunteer a wider range of main sources for political news – no source is named by more than 15% of consistent liberals and 20% of those who are mostly liberal , e.g. Green Hell: How read pdf But as a result of the revolution, France plunged into years of civil war and violence. Only the emergence of Napoleon—an authoritarian ruler—brought stability back to the country , source: Wingnuts: How the Lunatic download here Further, they assert that fascism and its German variant National Socialism became the successful challengers to Communism because they were able to both appeal to the establishment as a bulwark against Bolshevism and appeal to the working class base, particularly the growing underclass of unemployed and unemployable and growingly impoverished middle class elements who were becoming declassed (the lumpenproletariat) , source: Arguing with Idiots (10) by [Paperback (2010)] His sentence was commuted by president Harding, but his health was broken in prison and he died shortly after his release. [the link between his persecution and his death wasn't immediate. ] Leon Trotsky was the leader of the original ideals of Communism and was assassinated while he was in exile in Mexico by those who had derailed those ideals and transformed the Soviet Union into a dictatorship which was liberal in name only. [ some might consider the killers in this case "liberals" because they were "leftists".] If all you read at is "The Liberals hated Garc�a Moreno; when he was elected a third time in 1875, it was considered to be his death warrant.. . he was assassinated exiting the Cathedral in Quito,[citation needed] struck down with knives ", you would naturally assume that this is an obvious example of a conservative being assassinated by liberal rivals , cited: Conservatives Without Conscience

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Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism

The Partisan Sort: How Liberals Became Democrats and Conservatives Became Republicans (Chicago Studies in American Politics) 1st (first) Edition by Levendusky, Matthew published by University Of Chicago Press (2009)

Conventional Idiocy: Why the New America is Sick of Old Politics

Left and Right in Global Politics

Muzzled: From T-Ball to Terrorism-True Stories That Should Be Fiction

The Power of the Vote: Electing Presidents, Overthrowing Dictators, and Promoting Democracy Around the World

Politics and Neoliberalism: Structure, Process and Outcome, Volume 16 (Research in Political Sociology) (Research in Political Sociology)

What Obama Means: ...for Our Culture, Our Politics, Our Future

The Weekly Standard: A Reader: 1995-2005

Balfour and Foreign Policy: The International Thought of a Conservative Statesman

As Jon wrote in his 2005 article, “Contemporary economic liberalism is less of an ideology than the absence of one–a rejection both of dogmatic fealty and hostility to the free market.” Liberals (with some exceptions) generally support the free market and realize that most things are better done by the free market than by government The Future of Liberalism download for free This results in opposition to any form of social (including moral) upheaval, support for firm (but not despotic) government and a belief that political institutions should evolve naturally rather than being artificially constructed from an abstract theory or blueprint Tory Radicalism download for free Its defect was not that it adhered too stubbornly to principles, but rather that it lacked principles sufficiently definite to provide clear guidance, and that it often appeared simply to accept the traditional functions of government and to oppose all new ones Congress and the Common Good download for free When effortful, deliberate responding is disrupted or disengaged, thought processes become quick and efficient; these conditions promote conservative ideology… low-effort thought might promote political conservatism because its concepts are easier to process, and processing fluency increases attitude endorsement. Four studies support our assertion that low-effort thinking promotes political conservatism.. Concept of Justice: Is Social Justice Just? (Continuum Studies in Political Philosophy) The richest fifth’s income has grown at a rate eleven times greater than the poorest fifth’s, and the proportion of families living below the official poverty line has stayed in the 12-15% range. • Large corporations, if unregulated, will do whatever they think will maximize profits, even if that wreaks havoc on the environment or on the welfare of ordinary citizens , cited: The Politically Incorrect read for free Because the naturalistic fallacy is exactly that. A religious like belief in mother nature or whatever. I have couple of friends who are, like myself, really on the left side, but are anti gmo ( and i have doubt about on who seems to not like abortion because she respect life, she’s left wing), pro organic, believe in sCAM etc Revolution and Counter-Revolution Revolution and Counter-Revolution. They are different—in their personalities and even their unconscious reactions to the world around them. For example, in a study published in January, a team led by psychologist Michael Dodd and political scientist John Hibbing of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln found that when viewing a collage of photographs, conservatives' eyes unconsciously lingered 15 percent longer on repellent images, such as car wrecks and excrement—suggesting that conservatives are more attuned than liberals to assessing potential threats The Colonisation of Europe read for free Marxism is the opposite; it is highly rationalistic (in the same Cartesian sense that the French Revolution was) , cited: Spin Sisters: How the Women of read online Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media. Depression and unemployment were avoidable, and it was up to government to avoid them.... [Keynes believed] government can manage the economy by using fiscal and monetary policy. The tyranny of the business cycle, which had brought economic catastrophe... need no longer be tolerated The Enemy at Home: The read pdf read pdf.

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