Revolution and Counter-Revolution

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And no, I neither expect nor want an abortion debate, but you did attempt to claim the moral high ground with the "right side" comment. As its base in the South became stronger, the party adopted a more conservative approach to appeal to their main base. It is common for cultural conservatives to have the North Node in aspect to the Moon, the Fourth House, and/or their rulers ("Solid Moon"). Some political and economic elites on the right were equally incensed, clearly. The Long Telegram echoed earlier traditions of exceptionalism and mission, which likely in part explains its appeal to official Washington.

Pages: 192

Publisher: Foundation for a Christian Civilization; 2nd edition (1980)


Neoliberalism and Applied Linguistics

The Naked Capitalist

Western Individualism

Strengthened by this ideology, these racists feel justified in resisting social reforms that the vast majority of the population favor to a varying extent. Social science, of course, is abstract and general and consists of systematic statements about uniformities of process in social systems , source: Breaking the Sound Barrier download for free download for free. A series of connected wires to form a cage that affects things; cage metaphor One of the aims of the Gay Liberation movement is to enable "gays" to be happy, healthy, contributing members of a society that recognizes and accepts differences in sexual orientation among its members , source: Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One read epub Trying to fit all of that information into five to seven pages would be nearly impossible. That is why I will be focusing on the Classical Era of Greece which spans from about 500 BCE to around 320 BCE.... [tags: classical era, olympia, greek history] A History of Jazz and Classical Music - Upon entering a modern record store, one is confronted with a wide variety of choices in recorded music The New Blue Media: How download epub Perhaps the main reason that scientists don’t think these psychological and attentional differences simply reflect learned behaviors—or the influence of cultural assumptions—is the genetic research. As Hibbing et al. explain, the evidence suggests that around 40 percent of the variation in political beliefs is ultimately rooted in DNA British Cinema and Thatcherism: Fires Were Started British Cinema and Thatcherism: Fires. How about 8 years of Reagan, his unemployment record vs his own approval rating for 8 years. So much for left wing ideology. "The market economy involves peaceful cooperation. It bursts asunder when the citizens turn into warriors and, instead of exchanging commodities and services, fight one another." - Mises, representing the Austrian School of Economics "If we suddenly had a threat of war, had a military buildup, you’d be amazed at how fast this economy would recover." - Krugman, representing the Keynesian School of Economics So much for left wing ideology , cited: Love is a Sweet Chain: Desire, Autonomy and Friendship in Liberal Political Theory

How many times have we read or heard the same half-dozen stories about the horrors of political correctness The Politics of Selfishness: How John Locke's Legacy Is Paralyzing America A strong sense of order: Everything should be carefully structured, including society. Disorder and chaos are generally considered to be dangerous. A clear-cut law of nature (or law of God): This law must be obeyed. According to this law, some people are inherently better than others. A natural hierarchy (a power structure in which some people have authority over others) exists , source: The Search for Arab Democracy: read for free Dwight Eisenhower, an internationalist allied with the Dewey wing, challenged Taft in 1952 on foreign policy issues Cliches of Liberalism: download epub Cliches of Liberalism: Governing Through. This is absolutely obscene growth in government. (And yes President Bush’s record was only somewhat better – moving from 6 trillion to 10 trillion in his eight years.) It is self-evident that we are on an absolutely unsustainable course and moving toward U , cited: Catastrophe

Iain Macleod : A Biography

Theology is primarily applied within the context of the three major monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Future Right: Forging a New Republican Majority Needless to say, these two schools of thought are as different as chalk and cheese, but in their own complicated ways, have the country's best interests at heart , cited: The George W. Bush Presidency: A Rhetorical Perspective (Lexington Studies in Political Communication) The George W. Bush Presidency: A. So you have pro and con... for and against... progressive vs. conservative. Conservatives are often described as "reactionary." As history goes along, conservatives are defined not so much by what they are for, but what they are against Making the Progressive Case download pdf download pdf. Therefore the pertinent debate regarding black hiring is never "merit vs. race" but whether hiring decisions will be based on merit, influenced by race-bias against blacks, or on merit, influenced by race-bias, but with special consideration for minorities as mandated by law. In light of actual employment practices, the black conservative rhetoric about race-free hiring criteria (usually coupled with a call for dismantling affirmative action mechanisms) does no more than justify actual practices of racial discrimination Is God a Racist? the Right Wing in Canada He paid for his initiatives by taking money from the rich to finance these changes, which does lean towards the liberal principle of redistributing wealth to benefit the poor, however low wages, lack of worker rights, and the use of political prisoners to perform unpaid labor leans conservative, especially the first two Elites and Classes in the Transformation of State Socialism read here. Unlike some other aspects, it is clearly set out in policy statements, such as the 1999 Blair-Schröder manifesto Neocon Reader (04) by Stelzer, Irwin [Paperback (2004)] For example, asking someone to accept one’s male privilege might demand the acceptance of abortion, due to the idea that women are “oppressed” without having the option of terminating a pregnancy to escape the burdens imposed by carrying a child to term Neocon Reader (04) by Stelzer, Irwin [Paperback (2004)]

Protection and Politics: Conservative Economic Discourse, 1815-1852 (Royal Historical Society Studies in History New Series)

Looking Glass Shattered: Cubicle Commando to Constitutional Conservative Leader

Liberalism in Australia

America and the Politics of Insecurity (Themes in Global Social Change)


Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values

By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission

The Enduring Revolution: How the Contract with America Continues to Shape the Nation

Death of the Liberal Class

Adios, America

The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits (Library

Democratic Theory

Neoliberal Culture: Living with American Neoliberalism

Edmund Burke for Our Time: Moral Imagination, Meaning, and Politics

Social Policy and the Conservative Agenda (Post-Reformation Thought)

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

The Conscience of a Conservative (The James Madison Library in American Politics)

Liberalism As I See It

The Mendacity of Hope: Barack Obama and the Betrayal of American Liberalism

The Global Right Wing and the Clash of World Politics (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics)

On social issues the majority of its national and state candidates usually favor the death penalty, call for stronger state-level control on access to abortion, support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage at the federal level and by the states, favor faith-based charitable initiatives, support school choice and homeschooling, social welfare benefit reform, and oppose reverse racism, such as racial quotas download. Fourth, conservatives are q ided by their principle of prudence. Burke agrees with Plato that in the statesman, prudence is chief among virtues. Any public measure ought to be judged by its probable consequences, not merely by temporary advantage or popularity , e.g. The Tragedy of Liberalism: An Alternative Defense of a Political Tradition (Suny Series in Social and Political Thought (Paperback)) Modern liberalism &sometimes portrayed as social or welfare liberalism' exhibits a more sympathetic attitude towards the state, born out of the belief that unregulated capitalism merely produces new forms of injustice. "tate intervention can therefore enlarge liberty by safeguarding individuals from the social evils that blight their existence. (hereas classical liberals understand freedom in 'negative' terms, as the absence of constraints upon the individual, modern liberals link freedom to personal development and self$realisation , source: Sale of the Century: Russia's Wild Ride from Communism to Capitalism Sale of the Century: Russia's Wild Ride. The Source is based on Andrew Heywood's Political Ideologies imperfections, security, belonging v. choice & liberty, irrationality, unpredictability, evil (public order & law), intellectual limitations, avoidance of abstract ideas, caution, experience, pragmatism. society c.f liberal atomistic - actions of individuals, contractual (self-interest), duty, community, society natural & organic, perseverance & respect. natural/necessity (parents) c.f. liberals - contract made by free individuals for own benefit - natural structure of society is hierarchical, ‘natural aristocracy’ - state, citizens have duties & responsibilities not just rights, strong state not minimal (Liberal), public order but limited - not change human beings. reflects merit, wealth earned, psychological & social advantages - security, thrift, virtue, respect,order, not issue for individuals alone but society - balanced, national interest served by government intervention in economy, property not merely creation of present generation, passed down, custodial wealth, property owning democracy BUT entail obligations Millennials' Guide to Saving download pdf download pdf. Many elected officials send their students to private school; ever wonder why they don't send their kids to the same system that they allocate tax resources to? School vouchers offer a method for lower income households to be able to give their children the same opportunity for a decent education. Tax money belongs to "taxpayers" (regardless of whether they actually paid into the system) The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration And maybe the system’s not broken… but it can certainly be improved to make organizations more effective and sustainable. This is something both “liberal” and “conservative” nonprofiteers seem to agree upon. Where do you stand on the nonprofit management ideology spectrum? Do you value the merit of popular nonprofit practices and tradition, or do you believe that the future of nonprofit leadership lies in a more open-minded approach , cited: The Terrorist Next Door: How read epub read epub?

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