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Other worldviews, both secular and religious, struggle to explain life’s critical realities. The professor offers an assignment to his class asking them each to affirm the statement, “God is dead,” so that they can move on with their future coursework without being burdened with pesky notions of theism (belief in God) creeping into their future discussions. One way is to carry out a point-by-point refutation of the opposing view, demonstrating inconsistencies. The claims of the Bible and Jesus stand or fall together.

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The God Who Justifies

The God Question: An Invitation to a Life of Meaning

Tough Questions About Christianity

Tough Questions - Biblical Answers Part II:

We met a fellow not long ago at a farm supply store. He came over to us and started asking us questions about our religion. The questions usually follow a typical pattern: are you Amish? We informed him that we were Christians and, while he was intrigued, he seemed a bit skeptical. He informed us that he and his family were homeschoolers who had just moved to the area and were looking for “like-minded fellowship.” He asked to meet us at our home sometime, insisting that he wanted to know “where we stood on the Bible.” We invited him on a particular night and he and his wife arrived, without their children A History of Apologetics by Avery Robert Cardinal Dulles [Ignatius Press, 2005] (Paperback) 2nd Edition [Paperback] A History of Apologetics by Avery Robert. A statement of Nietzsche�s nihilist thesis is repeated in the last line of the work: �I said at the beginning�man will wish Nothingness rather than not wish at all� (p. 118). Nietzsche concluded that animals and men share the fundamental ability to exert their will, and that such a willingness is the primary function of both animals and men (2006, p. 355; see Cavalier, n.d.) The Sovereignty of God download for free Ebook Pages: 145 Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries current research, Christian apologetics will be reviewed and discussed also. 6.1 MB Ebook Pages: 83 APOLOGETICS Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry An apologetics ministry that equips Christians to engage various religions, cults, 5.53 MB There are certain principles that we simply have to assume, since otherwise all reasoning would be pointless The Orthodox Imperative: Selected Essays of Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. Now is a time to get serious about the challenges facing the Church. I wouldn’t want to be the pastor who has to try to waken his sleepy congregation but it has to be done. Standing from where I’m standing, we absolutely need dedicated apologists in every congregation. We need to fund apologists and others in the ‘culture wars,’ too, including artists and authors Developing a Christian Apologetics Educational Program: In the Secondary School by Douglas E. Potter (2010-02-18)

The three courses were published originally in full-color, printed formats (all three of which are available from our offices). However, we also wanted to make them available in an electronic format, in the hope that they would be useful to those people who prefer to study at their own leisure in the privacy of their homes, rather than in a somewhat more public classroom-type setting , e.g. Reason for God Pack, Includes read online read online. Read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, then True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism (a volume of essays edited by Tom Gilson and Carson Weitnauer) Yes, I’m recommending that you read a book written by a highly antagonistic atheist (Richard Dawkins). Nothing, and I do mean nothing, will give you the sense of urgency you need for equipping your kids to defend their faith more than reading this 400+ page book of attacks on religion Evidence for the Resurrection: What It Means for Your Relationship with God download epub.

Upon this rock;: An introduction to Apologetics for students

God Against the Gods: Storytelling, Imagination, and Apologetics in the Bible

The Jesus You Can't Ignore: What You Must Learn from the Bold Confrontations of Christ

The Apologetics of Jesus: A Caring Approach to Dealing with Doubters

The Scientific Revolution was an important time in history, but it was by no means sudden. The catalyst of the Revolution were a while in the... making with writings and philosophies from Ancient Greece and Rome inspiring people and was a long process of gradual of upheaval, up until the Enlightenment , source: Your Mass: Your Life This article is taken from the Fall 1990 issue of 'Faith & Reason.' Published by Christendom Press, 2101 Shenandoah Shores Road, Front Royal, VA 22630, (800) 877-5456. HARRISON SOLA SCR Why is Mary referred to as the 'mediatrix?' Fr. Saunders answers this question posed in an article which appeared in the December 8, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' MARY MEDIATRIX SAUNDERS "And there were standing by the cross of Jesus His mother and His mother's sister, Mary of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen." Catholics have, perhaps, preserved the teaching against contraception more faithfully, but it is not a teaching exclusive to them. In much the same way, Protestants have more faithfully preached the necessity of tithing, a doctrine not exclusive to Protestants ref.: Cold-Case Christianity: A read pdf read pdf. A major debate in apologetics centers around the origins of morality. Those of us at Apologetics Press have argued that the very existence of morality proves the existence of God (see Jackson, 1995). On the other hand, Friedrich Nietzsche was �a German philosopher of the late 19th century who challenged the foundations of Christianity and traditional morality� (Wicks, 2010) What About Baptism?: A download pdf Is 1 Corinthians 5 then saying that we shouldn’t even eat with people who are living in sin though profess to be Christians? Particularly in 1 Corinthians 5 what you have here is a way someone can be brought back to their senses. He says, “hand this man over to Satan” (1 Cor. 5:5). The implication is to expel from the church and Christian fellowship , cited: Above All Thy Name: Thou Hast Magnified Thy Word read online. We cannot perform laboratory experiments to determine if He exists. Likewise, neither Jesus nor the men who personally wrote the Bible are alive on earth today. But this does not mean we must accept a "blind faith" without evidence. The Bible claims that it itself provides sufficient grounds to produce faith. Romans 10:17 - So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 2 Timothy 3:16,17 - Scripture itself is sufficient to provide us to every good work ref.: Coffee House Chronicles Set read for free

Modern Substitutes for Christianity (with linked TOC)

The Problem of Christian Anti-Intellectualism: Why Christians Should Study Apologetics by Jefrey D. Breshears (2012-07-31)

Conversations With an Unbelieving Friend

The Resurrection of Theism: Prolegomena to Christian Apology

In Defense of the Faith, Vol. 3: Christian Theistic Ethics

Evidence for the Historical Jesus: A Compelling Case for His Life and His Claims (The McDowell Apologetics Library) by Josh McDowell (2011-04-01)

On the Fence: and why we shouldn't stay there

Report of three nights' public discussion in Bolton, between William Gibson ... and the Rev. Woodville Woodman

Observations on heresy and orthodoxy

Natural Theology: Or, Rational Theism

Why the Church Is as True as the Gospel (Mormon Literary Library)

Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?

Classical Apologetics

What Tribe of Israel Am I From?

The Letter on Apologetics and History and Dogma Texts presented and Translated By A. Dru and I. Trethowan

A Christian view of men and things: An introduction to philosophy

A Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity

Rossiter Since the time of the Enlightenment, religious skepticism and an increased reliance upon empiricism have caused many to adopt a purely naturalistic worldview Christianity and Its Competitors: The New Faces of Old Heresies In the one that is different, it is God who is good, and who causes salvation to occur. This leads to the question, "Which religious systems were probably made up by men, and which is likely to have been revealed by God?" Would not the one that places God as the good and sacrificial one, and sees no saving virtue in man, less likely to be the product of human creativity The Resurrection: Ruse or Reality The Resurrection: Ruse or Reality? The Epistle To Galatians is an refutation of their teachings. There were Gnostics who tried to synthesize Christian theology with occult philosophies. The Epistle To Colossians is an apologetic against them. The Epistle To Hebrews is an apologetic against another heresy. Jude had to remind his readers to contend for the faith against those who would like to distort the Christian message BIBLE DIFFICULTIES IN THE BOOK OF EXODUS: Answering the Bible Critics BIBLE BOOK NUMBER 2 (Bible Difficulties Series) MY CHALLENGE TO YOU is to look through the site, consider the answers presented, begin the discussions that lead to productive Christian thought leading to maturity and fruit, and LEAD THE WAY at your local church , e.g. Why I know there is a God download here. As we consider the evidence for the Bible, ask yourself why there is no such evidence for the claims of the Book of Mormon or the Koran or other books that claim to be revelations from God Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics (Holman Quicksource Guides) by Doug Powell (2006-07-01) read for free. To what extent it is appropriate for law to enforce moral standards? Essay Question: To what extent it is appropriate for law to enforce moral standards? Law and morality are related concepts but are arguably... distinct , cited: Ultimate Issues (R. C. Sproul Library) Ultimately, Paul’s proclamation of the gospel led to his death. Paul was beheaded, tradition asserts, under the persecution of Nero at Aquae Salviae (now Tre Fontane) near the third milestone on the Ostian Way Why I Try to Believe: An Experiment in Faith, Life and Stubborn Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Live It I was raised in a devout Muslim home, confident of the truth I had been taught all my life about Allah and Qur’an. So how did I move from believing adamantly in Islam to telling others about Jesus? It started with a friendship during my college days when a Christian named David befriended me despite our differences Therefore, stand;: Christian read here read here. More must be learned about the context before an apologist can say anything truthful about other peoples' faith. Those in apologetics ministry really believe that truth matters. But we live in a world which has so severely relativized and privatized religious truth that most people don't really believe there is such a thing as truth. And that is one of the biggest lies ever told , source: The Creed of Christendom; its read epub How reliable is the document we have in our hands today? What about the claims that it has errors? How should we interpret what we read in the Bible ref.: Europe And The Faith Three relatively recent books directly and indirectly address the issue. Ironically, the oldest of these books most directly answers the question. Christian Apologetics in the Postmodern World (IVP Academic, 1995) is a collection of essays edited by Timothy R. The 11 chapters are divided into five parts, with the first part setting the stage and giving definitions Apologetics and the Biblical Christ (Woodstock Papers: Occasional Essays for Theology No. 6) read here.

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