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Conflict lowers the efficiency of any business operation. For the purposes of this web site, they are defined as follows: values describes individual or personal standards of what is valuable or important. Whether he allows that or not, however, we should already be able to see that universalization alone underdetermines the circumstances and requirements of morality. But Nietzsche is more at home in the West than the East, and the first essay follows the historical thread of his argument from prehistoric times to his own day.

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If, by telling a lie to some Nazi soldiers during World War II, you could have saved someone’s life, without any other additional harm being inflicted, it seems that you ought to have lied pdf. We enjoy an abundance of food because scientists have discovered more efficient methods of agriculture, such as fertilization and crop rotation. We enjoy a lifespan double that of the pre-industrial era thanks to advances in medical technology, from antibiotics to X-rays to biotechnology, discovered by doctors and medical researchers. We enjoy the comfort of air conditioning, the speed of airline transportation, the easy access to information made possible by the World Wide Web�because scientists and inventors have made the crucial mental connections necessary to create these products , cited: Gender and the American download for free Gender and the American Temperance. Divine Command Theory: a form of deontological theory which states that an action is right if God has decreed that it is right, and that that an act is obligatory if and only if (and because) it is commanded by God. Thus, moral obligations arise from God's commands, and the rightness of any action depends upon that action being performed because it is a duty, not because of any good consequences arising from that action , e.g. Why Ayn Rand Is Wrong (and Why read online It is but equity, besides, that they who feed, cloath and lodge the whole body of the people, should have such a share of the produce of their own labour as to be themselves tolerably well fed, cloathed and lodged. ( WN I.viii.36 ) Smith’s concern for fairness over and above economic efficiency (i.e. equity for the working class) was behind the vehemence of his opposition to mercantilist (' business economics ') arguments for policies that would protect or promote producer profits, i.e. crony capitalism Clinical Ethics Consultation: read for free Clinical Ethics Consultation: Theories. By putting welfare measures in place we ensure that we ourselves will be helped in times of trouble. Hobbes takes the view that when we join society we make a promise not to hurt others and to help them when they are in need, and we make this promise so that we in turn are not hurt and so that we may be aided in times of need Nature Is Enough: Religious Naturalism and the Meaning of Life

We don't offer credit or certification for using OCW. Modify, remix, and reuse (just remember to cite OCW as the source.) Discussing the topic of ethics within the context of existentialism sometimes results in a judgmental response: Existentialists are amoral atheists, dedicated to anarchy or nihilism online. Derived from the Greek word “ethos”, which means “way of living”, ethics is a branch of philosophy that is concerned with human conduct. It consists in a code of conduct of human beings living in a society. Ethics examines the rational justification for our moral judgments; it studies what is morally right or wrong, just or unjust. Together, they combine to define how individuals choose to interact with one another Selected Writings on Ethics download here Selected Writings on Ethics and Politics. Religions claim to be the source of our values and morals. These may often be false claims, because the values are older than the religions, because many religions claim the same ideas, and because several studies provide no evidence that religious people are more caring, loving, generous, or helpful than non-religious people (Kohn, 1989). (Kohn cites evidence that religious folks are, on average, more intolerant of minorities.) Perhaps the rewards of religions--salvation, nirvana, reincarnation--are their big attractions, not their demanding guidelines for being good , source: Reawakening Virtues download here

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Update: Mumps Outbreak - New York, New Jersey, June 2009 - January 2010, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), February 12, 2010 23 Hare and Critics: Essays on Moral Thinking Hare and Critics: Essays on Moral. On the other hand, you do owe the owner for the value of the water, and what you owe is some fair value of the water -- what the owner would have gotten if you had not needed it out of necessary -- and not what the owner might want to ask for it ref.: Advice to young men download for free And in our own beloved America, under the banner of white supremacy, it marches with burning crosses across our nation cursing the doctrine that all men are born free and equal Religion and Morality (Claremont Studies in the Philosophy of Religion) Religion and Morality (Claremont Studies. When we ask that question, we are posing in a provocative way the meta-ethical question of the objectivity of moral values. Are the values we hold dear and guide our lives by mere social conventions akin to driving on the left versus right side of the road or mere expressions of personal preference akin to having a taste for certain foods or not The Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle, (Everyman's library. Philosophy & theology. No. [547]) download epub? I undertake the precept to refrain from improper sexual activity. "Aware of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct, I vow to cultivate my responsibility and learn ways to protect the safety and integrity of individuals, couples, families and society. I am determined not to engage in sexual relations without love and long-term commitment , cited: Magnus Dei This book is divided into five sections: practical reason, particularism, moral realism, virtue ethics, and ethics and moral philosophy more generally. Thom Brooks is Reader in Political and Legal Philosophy at Newcastle University. He is founder and editor of the Journal of Moral Philosophy online. Since we will not focus on applied ethics, it probably will not occur in our class discussions. However, if this occurs when discussing an applied ethical issue (e.g., abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, war and terrorism), remember that such questions are a vital part of doing moral philosophy The Choice of Hercules read epub

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It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience Their Morals and Ours download for free The good will should contribute to the goodof society as a whole and this society includes individuals who are happy with their external conditions. The good will is to strive to realize the Kingdom of God on earth, the latter instantiated externally as a political- social entity. This kingdom entails both the external political good of order as well as its members acting on the basis of right reasons pdf. That is not something you follow and then change afterward. Hence, while law need not and cannot be the same as morality (unless laws are written so as to require one "to do the morally right thing", in some cases voluntarily only and not by governmental intrusion or force), it ought not to conflict substantially with it Everyday Wisdom download here The independence of nations and the break-up of colonial rule are further examples of ethical pressures overwhelming the force of law. Ethical acts are not always lawful. Lawful therefore does not equate to ethical, and unethical does not equate to unlawful. Interestingly, the UK Consumer Protection Regulations effective on 26 May 2008 are a good example of unethical business practices becoming prohibited in law Difficult Justice: Commentaries on Levinas and Politics The casuist raises such a question only to ask "Would it be permissible to do so‑and‑so?" or "Would it be permissible not to do so‑and‑so?" Only if it would not be permissible not to do so‑and‑so could he say "This would be the thing to do." [6] Otherwise, though he may speak against some action, he cannot prescribe any‑for in an actual case, the circumstances (beyond the ones imagined) might suggest all sorts of possibilities, and you can't know in advance what the possibilities are going to be Metaphysical Reality: download online A second area of moral psychology involves a dispute concerning the role of reason in motivating moral actions Socratic Virtue: Making the Best of the Neither-Good-Nor-Bad read for free. Click ONCE to get your results: This test is (c) 2003 by U. The personality component of this test is (c) by U. Remaining portions, website content, and design is (c) 2003 by Atof Inc.; all rights reserved. Welcome to our Philosophy publishing program , source: Altruistic Review, Volume 1 I personally believe that there are actions that in most cases are wrong. Murder, adultery, and stealing are all bad behaviors. Before reading Aristotle's thesis I would have said that these things are inherently bad. After reading Nicomachean Ethics I thought more about the topic and considered many examples of when "bad" behaviors are the right thing to do or the only choice , cited: Meaning and Normativity download for free. We assume that behind every deed there is a conscious doer (Nietzsche) when in fact we are at the mercy of our unconscious drives. When we do not express our impulses outwardly, we turn them inward and generate "bad conscience," and false guilt (a function of the Freudian superego)—the reification of transcendent moral values above and beyond the value of life itself ref.: Ethics On The Origin And Nature Of The Emotions

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