The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation

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So this podcast is a response to Christian apologetics. Enlightening, inspiring, and convicting. .. the study of these letters reveals many things that every Christian needs to know and a blessing to the one who listens and obeys: “ Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near. ” ( Revelation 1:3 ) On March 15, 2011, HarperOne publishers releases Emergent Church leader Rob Bell’s new book “Love Wins”.

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A Christian apology

Citations from the early church fathers are referenced, and the references can be read online at and I often update the language on these, too, doing my best not to affect even possible meanings. All unattributed images on this site are either mine or known to be in the public domain , e.g. Evidences of Christianity, Part I. Intergrity of the New Testament Text Part II. Genuineness of the New Testament Books If science cannot answer these questions, it certainly cannot even hint at an answer to a single one of the questions people really care about (as listed above) such as: "Why am I here?" "What is my purpose?" "Does God exist?" "What happens to me when I die?" "How should I act?" "How should I treat other people?" "Why is it possible for humans to understand how the universe works?" "Why is there evil in the world?" I decided to put them all together in one collection. I will be adding to it as I find other books. If you know of a great, free e-book that would go nicely in the collection, please share it with us. I hope you find these books helpful in your search for truth; and hey, they are free! if you accessed this page via our English site, then this page was opened in a new window and your previous window should be behind it if you accessed this page through an external link (e. g. search engine) then you can find the English homepage of the foundation here Abstract: A (if not The) masterpiece of Christian apologetics, from truth tests to the authority of the Bible Note: this review was also published in Perspective on Science and Christian Faith vol. 50, no. 3, (Sept. 1998), p. 221 ref.: Who Is Babylon? For instance, when people observe a Muslim and a Christian being sacrificial, they naturally conclude that both religions are true. This is because both produce good outcomes in the lives of those who believe. This seems closer to what people really mean when they say, “What is true for you is whatever works for you.” Traditionally, truth had been determined by its correspondence to reality ref.: The Calling of Jujubee Forthright

Although not all in the list are evangelical, there is a lot of good material such as online essays and bibliographies. But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you … The word translated as ‘defense’ (some translations have ‘answer’) in that verse is the Greek apologia: “Answer” is the Greek apologia, from which we get our word “apologetics,” meaning the careful, logical defense of the Christian faith against the attacks of its adversaries, showing its validity as the true saving gospel of God, our Creator and Savior , source: The Golgotha Earthquake: Three Witnesses Demski, William and Thomas Schirrmacher, Paige Patterson, eds. Tough-Minded Christianity: Honoring the Legacy of John Warwick Montgomery. Nashville: B & H Publishing, 20009. $31.99. Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2011. $22.00. Desperately Wicked: Philosophy, Christianity and the Human Heart , source: Christian Faith and Secularism download epub

The Bible under trial

Secular Humanism: An Orthodox Perspective

The dual emphasis is unique among Liberty’s peer institutions and should create multiple opportunities for graduates as both professors and pastors , e.g. Truth in the Flesh: read for free Truth in the Flesh: Introducing. BIGAMY—If bigamy is sinful, why did King Solomon have so many wives? Answer King Solomon, credited by many as the wisest man in the Bible, was not so wise about some of his actions. Was polygamy okayed by God for his case, or was he going against God’s laws? SUFFERING—Why does God allow innocent people to suffer ref.: Questions and Answers, at the University of Illinois In much the same way, Protestants have more faithfully preached the necessity of tithing, a doctrine not exclusive to Protestants. Many Catholics are now rediscovering the practice of tithing at the prompting of their Protestant brethren The Beauty of the Faith : read online Usually, quotes should be limited to a paragraph or two, and the law dictates that quoting more than 50% of a document is a copyright violation. MLA format for referencing Christian History for Everyman: Pavao, Paul. "Page Title." Accessed day month year. Note that the words in blue need to be changed to match the title, date, and URL Who Was Jesus? (RZIM Critical Questions Discussion Guides) Living in an increasingly pluralistic society, neither today’s evangelicals nor those of the future are likely to be well served by a conventional story reaffirming cherished assumptions Does the Bible Talk About Dinosaurs? (Moments that Matter Book 9) Notice the words in verse 15: Always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you. apologia. It is the same word from which we derive our English term "apologetics." It refers to the reasons why we believe what we believe. The New Testament uses this term a number of times: Philippians 1:16 .. Your Mass: Your Life read epub Being there and seeing the biblical sites simply confirmed what I already thought was true. As Christian believers we must strive to be Christians who are able to stand on the truth alone. Moreover, it is our obligation to ensure that following generations adopt the same attitude. Choose four of the following: Established 1908 We Are Southwestern Fort Worth, Texas All content © 2016 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary • Fort Worth, Texas 50 Proofs For The Bible: Old download epub download epub.

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The analogy of religion, to the constitution and course of nature: Also, fifteen sermons, on subjects chiefly ethical.

A Written Discussion Upon the Sabbath

Paul Tillich's Philosophical Theology: A Fifty-Year Reappraisal

The Kuzari: Part I and II

Many of these religions (e.g., Hinduism) are even based on evolutionary and atheistic (e.g., Buddhism) philosophies ref.: God and Morality: Four Views read for free God and Morality: Four Views (Spectrum . Speak to the problem of evil using a free will explanation ref.: Lost In Transmission?: What We Can Know About the Words of Jesus Indeed, indeed, you have no security against it.". Can I be a good Christian and not go to church? Every Christian should know how to defend their faith. Join Dr Craig's class on Christian and Watch live on Sunday mornings at 11:30 EST. Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously doing God’s will. ~Bonhoeffer I'm listening to Watchmen on the Wall - Its BIBLICAL PROPHECY Christian Apologetics. on WFAX with TuneIn ref.: The Calling of Jujubee download for free The Calling of Jujubee Forthright. For me, the NIV and the KJV are very different texts - and they obviously don't contradict each other Peace of soul, Peace of soul,. Rediscovering His Truth In An Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality, said the idea of commonality and coming together, which is found in social media, goes all the way back to the book of Genesis when mankind wanted to build a tower for its own glory and for its own edifice. “They wanted to come together and all of a sudden the Bible says in an incredible way [that] the languages were confused and the people could not communicate with each other,” he explained. “Well, the social media is the new Tower of Babel.” However, he said that anything such as social media that has such capacity is not intrinsically evil. “It is how we use it that turns out either for good or for bad Rational Theology Book One read pdf Scribal differences between manuscripts are marginal, although they range from AD 200 to 1500 ref.: Incarnation Anyway: Arguments for Supralapsarian Christology (AAR Academy Series) read for free. Multiple research studies have shown that spiritual focus often weakens among teenagers as they head into the attention-dividing realm of young adulthood Faith Has Its Reasons : An download pdf Avoid even the appearance that you may feel morally superior. No matter how much or how little you know - you can always improve , cited: Having Begun in the Spirit: A read for free Therefore His written Word is the teachings of the His Holy Spirit and a Rock we can depend on. Anyone who wants to prove anything theologically, historically, scientifically or anything else needs to start with correct information. If you start with a faulty foundation, as you build your arguments, they begin to fall apart because they are not supported in God"s truth ref.: A Christian Faith for Today download here A Christian Faith for Today. His includes a significant study of how one comes into the Knowledge of God. 4 One cames into that knowledge, said Barth, only as God chooses to reveal himself. Barth argued against any attempt at knowing God from any standpoint outside of faith. Rather, the one who has faith can then use that faith to guide the intellect into further knowledge--be that science, history, or whatever The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism download here. Although answering questions, dealing with doubts, and defending the faith strongly depends on the situation, your own personality, and the people you're dealing with, there are certain guidelines that are worth considering Handmaidens of the Lord (Women Preaching the Gospel Book 1)

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