The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates the Evidence

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A minister of God can ask for support and deserves it if they are being diligent in their study and proclamation of the Word. Jesus Or Paul Teachings (Apologetics, 75 Comments & 2 Votes) The gospel of the kingdom didn't require knowledge of the cross of Christ, not to mention understanding what it meant. The fact that we have freewill and that God knows what we are going to do is biblical. As a result of his labours he collected a number of facts about the form of the Legend of Isis and Osiris as it was known to the learned men of his day, but there is no evidence that he had the slightest knowledge of the details of the original African Legend of these gods as it was known to the Egyptians, say, under the VIth Dynasty.

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The grounds of theistic and Christian belief

Understanding the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics (Understanding the Times) by Dr. Jeff Myers (2016-06-01)

God and Evil: The Problem Solved (Trinity Paper No. 46)

Review the testimony of both biblical and extra-biblical sources. Analyzing the recorded history around Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection has led many to the conclusion that Jesus of Nazareth indeed died and was subsequently resurrected, validating the claim that He was God incarnate , cited: Within Reason Without Excuse: download for free The Book of Isaiah includes God's entreaty, "Come now, let us reason together" ( 1:18, ESV ), and the First Epistle of Peter declares that Christians must always be "prepared to make a defence to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you ... with gentleness and respect" ( 3:15 ) Why I Am a Catholic We can know in our heads what the Bible teaches. But, if it has sunk down into our hearts, then we can step out in confidence without fearing the consequences download. A transcendental argument tries to show the conditions that make anything what it is, particularly the conditions or presuppositions necessary for rational thought. This understanding of apologetics underscores Van Til’s conviction that the Christian God is not merely another fact to be discovered alongside the ones we already know, but is the fact from whom all other facts derive their meaning and intelligibility , source: The Apostles: Interesting read epub Here is an example of how this works (taken from ) I see your point, but I am open to being persuaded, if you can. Then, I must ask you, what kind of evidence would you accept that would prove God's existence? ... Once people are aware that they actually have presuppositions that may prevent them from accepting the truth, they are more open to what you will tell them - provided you do it on their terms ref.: The City of God Can the Word of Faith hyper-charismatic crowd get any more bizarre? What is with this new occult sounding practice often referred to as grave sucking? When I first heard of grave sucking I assumed it must be a joke. Surely no one would buy into something so silly. Grave sucking or mantle grabbing is the belief and practice of pulling the supposed Holy Spirit powers from the dead bones of a previously empowered believer ref.: Magnificent Obsession

Should Christians only be good to avoid hell? Sometimes people try to suggest that in the Old Testament God is mean and punishes people and in the New Testament it is different, and Jesus is all about forgiving and goodness. This is not […] Why won’t God simply give mankind proof of His existence Wandering Stars: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles and Prophets download pdf? Salvation is not found in Buddhism, Islam, relativism, or in one's self. That is easy to say, but we need to be able to explain it so that people can understand. Fourth, we need to be able to counter the bad image that Christianity has received in the media and in our culture - particularly here in Ithaca. Many Christians come across as narrow-minded and self-righteous because they have strong opinions that they can't justify online. The Prescription Against Heretics was written in response to the latter – to defend the tenets of Christianity against the false teachings of heretics and... the religion practiced by majority of world’s population ref.: Science and the Bible (New Believer's Gudies Book 3) download epub.

Why?: A Believer's Introduction to Defending the Faith

Perils of Power

These men were not easily persuaded to believe the message they later preached Handbook of Catholic read online What holds generally may have individual exceptions. God promises us peace and prosperity (Proverbs 16:7) if we follow him, but there have always been God-fearing people that had to go through incredible hardships like Jesus, Paul, many Prophets pdf. Here's what Ray Comfort said about soulwinning this Halloween: When our family came to the United States back in 1989, Halloween was a big part of the American culture shock ref.: Can We Trust the Gospels?: Investigating the Reliability of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John The difficulty we are up against is this. We can make people (often) attend to the Christian point of view for half an hour or so but the moment they have gone away from our lecture or laid down our article, they are plunged back into a world where the opposite position is taken for granted Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels White well says, "The mind of the bigot is like the pupil of the eye, the more light thrown upon it, the smaller it gets." Register by this date to lock in the $35 rate. Register by this date to lock in the $45 rate Preparation for the Gospel Vol 1 & 2 Preparation for the Gospel Vol 1 & 2. Kristi Wachter runs both The Truth About Scientology and Scientology Lies sites , e.g. Why I Believe What I Believe He is a popular church and conference speaker and former co-host of a national radio talk program. Walker serves as the Director of Policy Studies for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the denomination’s entity tasked with equipping churches to address moral, social, and ethical issues The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba read epub The Muslims of Medina invited Muhammad to mediate their differences with various tribal groups in the city. Muhammad accepted and emigrated with his followers to Medina , e.g. On the truth of the Catholic download for free download for free. Science has shown that this "illusion" is surprisingly, uncannily consistent and predictable. Fantasies and illusions are rarely so predictable. Our naturalist friends may be out on a limb when they say there is no evil and no justice, but surely they have it right in this , e.g. BIBLE DIFFICULTIES IN THE BOOK OF EXODUS: Answering the Bible Critics BIBLE BOOK NUMBER 2 (Bible Difficulties Series) download online.

The Gospel According to The Da Vinci Code: The Truth Behind the Writings of Dan Brown

Prove It! God

The Answer to Bad Religion Is Not No Religion - Worship and Outreach Kit: A Guide to Good Religion for Seekers, Skeptics, and Believers


Does It Really Matter What I Believe about God?

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Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith by Frank Chacon (1-Dec-1993) Paperback

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The Innocence of God: Does God Ordain Evil?

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Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible: A Scriptural Analysis of Anti-Semitism, National Socialism, and the Churches in Nazi Germany

The restoration of belief

Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths

Thus, based on the drawing ministry of the Holy Spirit extended to all mankind, and the clear example of Paul, we can be confident that there is a role for rational persuasion in the proper practice of apologetics , source: Dinosaurs, the Lost World & You We don't know who to believe, so we doubt them all. As with any eyewitness records, Bible accounts may vary from one another in their details. It is characteristic of eyewitness testimony that different witnesses will observe and remember different details. But these variations can be harmonized by taking all the accounts and putting them together , cited: The Inerrancy Of The Bible He has relations with her - not only a victimless crime, but he may, in fact love her. What is the reaction of Pinchas? 'And when Pinchas saw it, he rose up from among the congregation and took a javelin in his hand; And he went after the man of Israel into the tent and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel and the woman through her belly.' The game becomes more exciting. What if all the above and Alexander Schindler and Shulamit Aloni and Balfour Brickner and Edgar Branfman [politicians in Israel] had been there; what would they have said APOLOGETICS; or The Scientific read online APOLOGETICS; or The Scientific? Ravi Zacharias has described people today as "listening with their eyes." Some of the tactics used to break these generational curses are, mass repentance, fasting, pouring anointing oil at targeted spots, warfare prayer or worship, and simply declaring the curse broken “in Jesus name” Is Jesus the Only Savior? All of us have had serious questions about the Faith. We’ve included what we’ve experienced are the ‘TOP TEN’ Questions about Christianity. Here they are: The Origin of God – Where did God come from? The Trinity – Isn’t the Trinity a contradiction? Hell – How could God send people to Hell for eternity? Christian Exclusivity – Aren’t Christians arrogant and intolerant to claim that Christ is the only way to God , cited: The Doctrine of Endless read here When some of our own can inspire such justifiable anger in others, what do we say? People are now doubting that the Christian faith creates people of laudable, praiseworthy character. Our laudability factor has been brought way down, and we need to do much more about it than we have done to date Christ in the Church: A Volume of Religious Essays Many people believed the heretical concepts found in the "Da vince Code" by Dan Brown and believed these were true. Now there comes a "Christian novel" titled " The Shack " on the scene that is full of false concepts on the Trinity and false teaching and "Christian's are reading it by the millions. But so many people are believing what the book teaches and then argue that " The Shack is just, fiction ." They make promises for God, which God may or may not carry out, about miracles, healing, personal happiness, fulfillment, security, romance, freedom, sanity, wealth, fellowship, revived marriages, and problem resolution Proofs of God: Classical Arguments from Tertullian to Barth If the Eastern idea is right, then our goal is not to know and have a personal relationship with God outside of us, but to discover the God-nature inside of us epub.

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