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Today, there is a growth of Christian apologetics in the world, while the atheist apologetic community is in a state of stagnation. Jon Atak's book on Scientology called A Piece of Blue Sky is on the web here. I, and so many others have sought answers to questions we thought did not have any answers this side of heaven. Such, for example, is the Apology of Socrates, such the Apologia of John Henry Newman. In the absence of any clear moral convictions these cultures have become indifferent to the oppression of others because they lack any absolute moral commitments. "Who are we to say that this or that is wrong?"

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Publisher: Youth Commission, United Synagogue of America (1972)


An Investment For Eternity

God Against the gods: Storytelling, Imagination and Apologetics in the Bible by Brian Godawa (2016-03-12)

Moral Apologetics for Contemporary Christians: Pushing Back Against Cultural and Religious Critics (B&H Studies in Christian Ethics)

Matthew 10:19,20 - Jesus claimed that, when His apostles spoke, it would not be them who spoke but the spirit of the Father speaking in them. 1 Corinthians 2:4,5 - Paul's preaching was not with words of human wisdom, so the faith of those who read the message should not stand in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. 1 Thessalonians 2:13 - The message is not the word of men but the word of God epub. Classical apologetics involves presenting evidence that the Bible and the Christian message are true Fashioning Jewish Identity in Medieval Western Christendom download epub. He loves you just the way you are, but He also loves you too much to leave you the way you are. ... to open their eyes [in order] to turn [them] back from darkness [i.e., falsehood and unrighteousness] to light [i.e., truth and righteousness] and [from] the authority of Satan to God, [in order for] them to receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among the ones having been sanctified by faith in Me’ (Acts 26:18; ALT3) C. S. Lewis's Christian read for free read for free. They are inescapable because they are part and parcel of our human nature. However, this does not mean that humans always act in a good and moral manner. But it does mean that they ought to act rationally and morally pdf. He graduated summa cum laude with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from Southwest Baptist University in 2008 Rock Solid Faith II: How to read online Therefore, the universe is not self-explanatory. It in and of itself does not explain itself. Must go beyond the universe itself to that which makes it explainable. History demonstrates an upward trend in human culture and civilization ref.: Handmaidens of the Lord (Women download online Handmaidens of the Lord (Women Preaching. Since all positions partake equally of circularity at this level, it cannot be a point of criticism against any of them Examining misconceptions about Christianity: Evidence growthguide (Josh McDowell truth-alive series) Examining misconceptions about. Most of us won’t become professional, full-time apologists. Instead we’ll learn how to engage the culture as effective “tent-making” Christian Case Makers. The women of the ISWA have been making an important contribution for some time now, many as tent-making, one dollar apologists (just like me) , e.g. How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity

On one hand it sounds just, but on the other, it illustrates the reason why a prosperity message has and needs its limitations.” “Now the best relation to our spiritual home is to be near enough to love it. But the next best is to be far enough away not to hate it Christian Apologies in the read for free Christian Apologies in the Roman World:. Declares the Lord." (Jeremiah 22:15-16) Jesus was perhaps the most compassionate man who ever lived. "Jesus wept." (John 35) Why? No, as he was about to raise him from death. He wept because Mary and Martha wept. "When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion on them." (Matthew 9:36) Truth in a Culture of Doubt: read here You have to use a fine screen in order to separate the milk from the leftover. Our filters are off and the first thing God begins to do is correct our worldview, because if your worldview is off you will not understand God's reality ref.: The Essential Maimonides: read for free The Essential Maimonides: Translations. But Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, New Agers and others in our pluralistic world will tell their stories and beckon souls into their communities, too Praying Their Faith

The Case for Freewill Theism: A Philosophical Assessment

Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous. For example, if I have evil intent and I galvanize that evil intent with many others, the capacity to destroy is immense Christian Faith and Secularism (Essay and general literature index reprint series) Christian Faith and Secularism (Essay. All of the left side navigation has been updated, fixed or removed if non-repairable. Still working our way through past comments. New content will be arriving shortly. + Timothy Herb Kraker of Dialogos Studies is in need of Baptists, or at least Baptists learned enough to discuss the covenental aspects of baptism as it relates or doesn't relate to infants: At first glance the New Testament would appear to teach believer's baptism download. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Carries mostly articles on biblical studies and theology, but some material on apologetics. 3. Journal of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. 4. The following books cover a variety of topics, as I try to explain in the annotation. They also fill out the spectrum of intellectual difficulty (not overall quality) from basic (B) to intermediate (I) to advanced (A). (I)/(A) means: "intermediate to advanced" or "between intermediate and advanced." 1982 , e.g. On Giants' Shoulders: Studies in Christian Apologetics The hypostatic union and transubstantiation cannot be proven in the way that the existence of gravity or the chemical makeup of water can be proven Is God Done With America? read here I am scheduled to offer History 492 (Christian Apologetics) during the July summer session. I need three more students to sign up for the class before Monday, May 12, or the class may be cancelled , e.g. The A-B-C of the isms: And read for free Salvation is not found in Buddhism, Islam, relativism, or in one's self , e.g. The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus download epub The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks. What would the rabbi of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue and the head of the World Jewish Congress - humanists and liberals, par excellence - have done ref.: Wonderstruck - Leader Kit: read online Combined with a new reluctance on the part of theologians to refer to Christian revelation, the rise of the natural sciences led to diminished religious grounds for natural philosophy Evidences of Christianity, Part I. Intergrity of the New Testament Text Part II. Genuineness of the New Testament Books

The Role of the Rule of Faith in the Formation of the New Testament Canon According to Eusebius of Caesarea

How Do We Know the Bible is True? Volume 1

Field Manual for Christian Apologetics

Theology for a Troubled Believer: An Introduction to the Christian Faith

Why?: A Believer's Introduction to Defending the Faith

Think And Live: Challenging Believers to Think And Thinkers to Believe

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil: Assessing the Threat Matrix (Christian Exceptionalism in Counseling)

Apologetics and Catholic Doctirne - A Course of Religious Instruction for Schools and Colleges

The Resurrection: A Dialogue

Reasons for faith (Twin Brooks series)

The Math of Christ

Colliding with Christ

Who Goes To Hell?: The Lie Christians Believe

Philo's Jewish Identity (Brown Judiac Studies)

The Sacred Writings of Clement of Rome

By Kenneth Sheppard On February 8, 2013 · 14 Comments · In Evangelicals One of the most influential visions of Christian apologetics in the history of Western Christianity comes from Augustine’s De doctrina Christiana, where the figure of the apostle Paul encountering Stoic and Epicurean philosophers at Athens (Acts 17) becomes inflected with the oratorical skills of a Ciceronian rhetorician: the interpreter and teacher of the divine scriptures, the defender of the true faith and vanquisher of error, must communicate what is good and eradicate what is bad, and in this process of speaking must win over the antagonistic, rouse the apathetic, and make clear to those who are not conversant with the matter under discussion what they should expect , cited: Weighing the Word: Reasoning the Qur'an as Revelation REASON DEFINITELY AIDS FAITH:This is the most widely held view among evangelical and fundamentalist scholars , cited: Biblical Catholic Salvation: "Faith Working Through Love" download epub. The certificate in Christian apologetics is designed to be completed entirely online — right from the comfort of each student’s home computer. Finish your degree with various online and on-campus learning opportunities, and take classes to fit to your busy schedule. Learn from scholars such as William Lane Craig, J. Moreland, Sean McDowell, Craig Hazen, Kevin Lewis, R epub. Answer CAIN—Where did Adam’s son get his wife? Answer If all human beings are descendents of Adam and Eve, then whom did Cain marry? GARDEN OF EDEN—If this was a real place, why hasn’t anyone found it? Answer Many Christians naively assume that the Garden of Eden was located near the modern Tigris and Euphrates rivers , source: Apologetic Preaching: read here read here. AO2: Explain how this teaching about discipleship might affect the life of a Christian today... pdf. Is the Old Testament God a Merciless Monster? By far, the number one objection non-Christians have to believing in God is the presence of evil, pain, and suffering that is clearly manifested everywhere in the world. If God is all powerful, He could destroy evil epub. The same Scriptures contain nearly 500 prophecies concerning the Messiah's second coming, with literally one out of every twenty-five verses in the New Testament speaking about Christ's return. Given that not one error was made concerning His first coming, what do you think the chances are His second coming will be exactly what the Bible says? This series takes an in-depth look at the second coming of Jesus Christ and examines all aspects of what the Bible says will happen in the future - a future that could begin to happen as early as the very minute you're reading this , source: Evidences of Christianity, read here Chastity before marriage – and, consequently, chastity during marriage – has been undermined by the widespread availability of contraception. Indeed, contraception seems to be one of the chief facilitators of much of the sexual misconduct of our time. There were fewer teenage pregnancies, fewer abortions, and a lesser incidence of sexually transmitted diseases before contraception became widely available Buried Hope or Risen Savior: The Search for the Jesus Tomb The Greatest Mystery Never Told, New York: Philosophical Library 1985. (B) Mircea Eliade, (Ed. in chief), The Encyclopedia of Religion, New York: Macmillan 1987f. (I) Tal Ilan, Jewish Women in Greco-Roman Palestine, Tübingen: Mohr 1995. (A!) Meïr Kahane, Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews, Secaucus N epub.

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