About PG

PG grew up in Daly City, CA, where his passion for filmmaking ignited while shooting movies in Video 8 format with his neighborhood. He and his younger brother Dar would gather their friends, shoot a superhero movie every summer called KID HEROES, and organize a neighborhood premiere at their home. It was the 1991 film BOYZ N THE HOOD that inspired PG to seriously pursue a career in filmmaking and leave home for Los Angeles.After receiving his BA in cinema production at the University of Southern California, PG became the Associate Producer of the independent film THE DEBUT. He assisted in its 2 year long theatrical self-distribution tour, embarking on an eye-opening cross-country drive all over the U.S. to market and exhibit the film. The reward: a home video deal with Columbia Tri-Star.Inspired by the grassroots nature of that campaign, PG teamed up with A.J. Calomay of Xylophone Films to form a community-based style of filmmaking, starting with the completion of the feature-length home-made movie LUMPIA (2003 Hawaii International Film Festival, 2004 Toronto ReelWorld). That passion project received a rave review from Variety, calling it a movie that takes “low budget to new heights… and should be shown in high-school media classes across the continent”.

Ginelsa’s emphasis on storytelling and community collaboration can be seen in the many music videos he has created for various musicians. He wrote and directed 3 music videos for the Grammy-Award winning BLACK EYED PEAS: THE APL SONG (2004) and two versions of BEBOT (2006), one of which was lauded with the California Preservation Foundation Presidents Award for its focus on Stockton’s Little Manila District. Other awards include BEST MUSIC VIDEO for his Native Guns CHAMPION video at the 2007 San Diego Asian Film Festival and for Bambu CROOKS & ROOKS at the 2009 Chicago International Hip Hop Film Festival.

Aside from completing commercial work for corporate clients such as L&L Hawaiian Barbeque and USC Credit Union, PG also has a competitive side winning contests like the 72 Hour Film Competition at the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival for his short film BEING REEL. In 2009, his winning video for LINCOLN made its national primetime debut during the Grammys on CBS while his short THE DIGITAL FAMILY took home the First Place Grand Prize in the DIRECTV Film Challenge.

Under his company Kid Heroes Productions, Ginelsa continues to contract freelance work while developing his passion projects; He is currently in production for his next feature LUMPIA 2 (funded through KICKSTARTER)

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