Advanced methods for practical applications in fluid by Steven A Jones, fizik

By Steven A Jones, fizik

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The flow pattern is shown in Figure 1. The influence of the compressibility effect on the shock wave structure and on the vortex system ahead and behind of the jet are studied in the context of the k − ε and algebraic Baldwin-Lomax models of turbulence. The detailed physical analysis of the supersonic jet interaction with a crossflow for multicomponent gases depending on parameters of the flowfield as the Mach numbers of the air stream, parameters of turbulence, pressure ratio are performed. Such an analysis can improve understanding of the relevant flow structures responsible for the generation of the pressure field and for the mixing of the injectant with the cross flow.

The compressibility correction to the dissipation-rate term in the k transport equation has been used by Rizzeta [10-11] to simulate a supersonic turbulent flowfield. In this present work, a plane supersonic flow in a channel with perpendicular injection of jets from slots located symmetrically on the lower and upper walls is modeled numerically. For convenience of computations, symmetry is assumed so that only the lower half of the channel is modeled, with jet injection from the lower wall only.

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