Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality by J. A. Thomas, Jason Thomas

By J. A. Thomas, Jason Thomas

Account of the existence and innovations of John R. R. Searl, who has developed antigravity and unfastened power units. Illustrated with pictures & diagrams.

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BACKGROUND THEORY The Searl Effect type of craft is a fact. The following theory is offered as to its means of operation. A theory to cover force fields of all types should attribute a fundamental cause to interaction of matter at a distance whether the interaction be gravitational, magnetic, nucleonic or electrostatic. Present theories include interchange of virtual photons or mesons, and multidimensional distortion of the space-time continuum. Whatever the argument, it will depend basically on the concept of a medium to support the wave motion, flux or distortion.

And what we found was that all measurements that were showing on the graph, it was a tri-pen recorder, showed that the biggest stress on the craft was when it was idle on the ground. As soon as it was airborne everything was at zero! We thought at first that the equipment was faulty, but when it landed, back came the original signals again. Then we tried another company's equipment, but they all came out the same. So what we did is, we put in a very thin bottle of radioactive material. The idea was that bottle would crack easily as soon as you got up to about 2 G's.

And I can assure you John, they never accelerate. And you can prove it if you had a long enough bar and mark off every foot and put time clocks to start instantly when the rollers moved, you will see that it took just the same amount of time to get to the first clock as the second clock and the third clock. - No matter how much load is on it? - No, it makes no difference. Because the temperature changes. - Oh, I thought the rollers sped up. - Well they do when you go to fantastic power, but the average person turning on a hght doesn't alter it, only the temperature alters.

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