Arming Conflict: The Proliferation of Small Arms by M. Bourne

By M. Bourne

This e-book argues that the arming of clash is complexly based and hugely dynamic. It uncovers and describes the development and interplay of constructions and dynamics at worldwide and local degrees, which form the arming styles of either country and non-state actors.

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Structures off the availability and acquisition off technology Structures of the availability y and acquisition of technology y are familiar to those working g on the spread off different types off weapons. Indeed, some types off weapons spread – particularly y nuclear weapons proliferation – have been framed largely y in terms of the spread of technology, y and particularly y of new and advanced technologies. In the case off MCAs, however, levels off technological sophistication have also been used as key y dividing lines within a particular type off weapons spread: between ‘tiers’ off weapons manufacturer and supplier states within the arms trade, and between generations off technology y (Krause, 1992).

145). Further, r iff a particular type off weapon is produced widely y in the commercial sector, r rather than just by y state actors, this opens up new channels and motivations for transfer, thereby y enhancing availability. For instance, MCA and SALW are produced and exported widely y by private companies, but ballistic missiles are not (their transfer is largely y limited to state-to-state transfers). Perhaps more significant for the overall structures off weapons spread is the question off whether the number and types of potential suppliers is limited to those that produce weapons, or also includes anyy actor in possession off stocks of arms that may then re-transfer surplus stocks and obsolete models?

In abstraction, even precise numbers off small arms in existence would not reveal much about the nature of their spread. Implicit within much off the use of such estimates is the assumption that vast global accumulations off new and surplus SAL LW leads inevitably to broad and substantial availability through diverse channels – that assumption is based clearly on the amorphous image. Thus, large numbers are part off the equation that implies easy access. The phrase ‘awash with arms’ has been applied to many states and regions: Renner claimed in 1997 that ‘Small arms are so ubiquitous that many y regions off the world find themselves awash in them … acquiring them is “as easy y as buying fish in the market” ’ (Renner, 1997, p.

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