Concise Guide to Workplace Safety and Health: What You Need by Gary Chambers

By Gary Chambers

"Going past compliance, this publication addresses 34 significant occupational defense and well-being themes. prepared for fast entry to regulatory necessities or on-line assets, the textual content addresses required documentation, education parts, record-keeping, and extra, together with caliber on-line hyperlinks for historical past and coaching details and people who result in pattern programs.This is a invaluable reference for enterprise proprietors, HR Read more...

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For example, acetylene is in this group. 5 and 80% will ignite. The wider the flammable range, the greater the risk sim­ ply because of the increased likelihood that an ignitable mixture will be avail­ able—that is, should an ignition source be present. 5. htm, respectively. 6. Moreover, fire or explosion hazards may be present. 7. Rather than copying the URL addresses listed, usually just copying the title and the source as search terms will provide enough information to retrieve a document. 8.

17. Ibid.  Introduction Sugar, milk, fabric, polyethylene, phenolic resin, rubber, wood, coal, and iron. What do these have in common? Their dust or powdered forms have all been implicated in major workplace explosions. Grain elevators—they have blown up, we know that. But sugar? In February 2008, in an old Georgia sugar pro­ cessing plant, sugar dust ignited inside a recently enclosed conveyor. The explosion’s shock wave loosened years of accumulated sugar powder from the tops of beams, fixtures, and equipment.

Each of the required permit elements is important, but in practice they tend to be haphazardly incorporated in permits. 13 The permit space entry permits must identify the following: 1. Space to be entered 2. Purpose of the entry 3. Entry date and for how long the entry permit is valid 4. Entrants, by name (or other means) so the attendant knows who is in the space 5. Attendants by name 6. Entry supervisor as well as the supervisor who originally autho­ rized entry 7. Hazards of the space 58 Concise Guide to Workplace Safety and Health 8.

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