Cyropaedia, The Institution of Cyrus & The Hellenics by Xenophon.

By Xenophon.

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Adjustment 5 Remove the fuel tank (see Chapter 4). On 600 C models it Will be necessary to remove the lower and upper fairmgs and knee grip covers (see Chapter 8). On 600 A and B models and 750 models, loosen the lork lower pinch bolls and the steering head nut (see illustra t ion). On 600 C models, remove the steering head nut, the handlebars and the steering head (see Chapter 6). Use a spanner wrench to loosen the steering stem locknut. 1 To gain access to the batt8f)', unbolt the fueJ tank from the rear mount, ther!

D'. 2b Evaporative emissio n c ontrol system deta ils (600 C models) Every 3000 miles (5000 km) Liquid/vapour separator ~~White '" I 3 To check the liquidlvapour separator, label and disconnect the hoses from il (see Illustration). then remove it from the machine. Check it closely for cracks or other signs of damage. Reinstall the separator and connect the hoses, except for the 0 breather hose. i 1. F Blue (Longer) ---[J / /~/ /~ :/f~ Blue (Shorter) && 6 Remove the canister from under the passenger's seat and inspect it for cracks or other signs of damage.

5 Check the specific gravity with an hydrometer Install the fuel tank mount and the seat. Be very careful not to pinch or otherwise restrict the battery vent tube (if equipped), as the battery may build up enough internal pressure during normal charging system operation to explode. ,,- ~ ~ 1 Periodically check all of the exl1aust system joints for leaks and loose fasteners. The lower fairing will have to be removed to do this properly (see Chapter 8). If tightening the clamp bolts fails to stop any leaks, replace the gaskets with new ones (a procedure which requires disassembly of the system).

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