Dark Clouds Gather (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module UK7) by Jim Bambra

By Jim Bambra

Worry now stalks the land. A malignant entity is turning out to be and festering excessive within the mountain peaks. With darkish tendrils it reaches out in the direction of the lowlands. nobody is secure, caravans are usually not arriving on the village of Lurneslye. it is just a question of time sooner than the villagers fall prey to the darkish and the evil they disguise. robust adventurers of degrees 7-9, are urgently sought to banish the darkness. The solar needs to back shine in a transparent blue sky and shortly. as soon as the darkish clouds have absolutely amassed, who is aware what can be unleashed around the land?

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T h e courtyard is filled with dense mist (visibility 40 feet). In the centre is a fountain which spouts fluidcloud material rather than water. ClZ. Servants' Quarters T h e furniture here is all human-sized as this room formerly housed Lachlan's human servants. Like the other rooms which are occupied by Yesorkh/Lachlan's mercenaries, it is in a terrible state. Broken furniture litters th' floor, and thrre is a severed aarakocra head on a table. C13. Guest Chamber Smashed furniture and torn wall-hangings cover the floorof thisonce fineguest room.

She will then flee Lachlan's body (ser Inside the Castle - page 24). C21. The Temple T h e stairs to the temple are trapped with a glyph of warding spell which inflicts 14 points of electrical damage (halved by a successful saving throw vs. Spells) on anyone passing the half-way point. T h e temple contains two ba'atun clerics and 12 skeletons. By the time the party gets to the foot of the stairs, the high priest Kahshesh Qabirwill havecastaprotection from good spell and the acolyte a cause light wounds spell.

It is now the barracks for one of the flights of ha'atun. T h e matticss from thr bed is missing, and wall hangings and items of giant clothing are being used as sleeping mats by the ba'atun. Under one of these mats are two ice javelins and a web stone (see Pull-out Sheet 11). C3. Hewil1 haveheen throwing rocks at the approaching adventurers (see Closing In - page 24) and will attack them when they land. 1 hill giant: AC 4; MV 12"; H D 8t2;h p 44; #AT 1; D 2-16; SA/SD Hurl rocks for 2-16; In1 Low; AL CE; Sire L; xp 1928: THACO 12; MM(45).

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