Dendrimers II: Architecture, Nanostructure and by Fritz Vögtle

By Fritz Vögtle

The moment quantity on dendrimers is back written through pioneers within the box. Their contributions remove darkness from the facets of dendrimers pointed out within the subtitle, and in addition contact on parts past chemistry, specifically fabric sciences in addition to organic, medicinal, analytical, and nano facets.

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Seebach et al. [291] were the first to differentiate dendrimers based on the position of the chiral centers in the molecule. Later Peerlings and Meijer [235] modified and expanded the classification by introducing two additional classes (6 and 7), although no concrete examples of such structures are known to date. Thus, all chiral dendrimers can be categorized into seven classes [292]: (1) chirality of the core only, (2) chirality of the branching unit only, (3) chirality of the terminal group only, (4) chirality of two or three building blocks mentioned above, (5) constitutionally different branches attached to a chiral core, (6) a rigid chiral conformation without any stereocenters or chiral units, and (7) interactions with noncovalently attached chiral ligands.

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Biodegradable dendrimers of Seebach et al. [329, 330] S. Nummelin et al. Polyester and Ester Functionalized Dendrimers 47 Fig. 44. Novel ferroelectric dendritic liquid-crystalline polymer (FDLCP) [332] the dimeric HB 229a is not biodegradable. No degradation was observed for benzyl-protected dendrimers with dimeric HB building blocks (a), whereas the acid-terminated compounds were found to be moderately good substrates for this enzyme. All deprotected dendrimers with tetrameric HB building blocks (b), like 229b, were good substrates for the depolymerase exhibiting a rate for the first degradation step about hundred times faster than the degradation of compounds possessing a dimeric HB skeleton.

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