Dracula 07 - A Question of Time (The Dracula Series) by Fred Saberhagen

By Fred Saberhagen

Sixty years after Conservation Corps employee Jake Rezner disappeared with no hint into the Grand Canyon, inner most detective Joe Keogh is employed to find a lacking woman in that zone and stumbles upon an historical secret. unique.

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With flashlight in hand he went running around the house and downhill to the place from which Joe was calling for help. John relaxed somewhat when the beam of his flashlight showed him his brother-in-law sitting on a rock, swearing too loudly for a man with a mortal injury. " John grabbed the older man under the arms and hoisted. " he asked, looking around. " Joe balanced on one foot, leaning half his weight on John's shoulder. " John didn't complete the question; he could already read the answer in Joe's frightened eyes.

But Bill's radio remained silent, despite the fact that they tried several times to call him back. Chapter 6 "Numbly Jake followed Camilla uphill through heavily gathering darkness, treading the path beside the nameless little stream whose voices chanted only nonsense. She was leading him back, Jake knew, to the place where the side canyon widened into a kind of amphitheater. Back to the neat little house standing not far from the strange cave. Jake's companion led the way in silence, now and then pausing to look over her shoulder at him, as if she wanted to make sure he was still with her.

Maria thought there was hostility, strangely mingled with relief, in the glance he directed at the strangers crowding the stone entryway. Joe looked around, and asked: "What room were you in when you heard Cathy speaking to you, Mrs. " Mrs. Tyrrell had obviously decided to change the subject. " Joe let the matter of Cathy's voice drop for the time being. In the course of the introductions, everyone had moved into the living room from the entryway. Maria noticed that Brainard kept glancing at the windows.

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