Get Set - Go!: Workbook Level 1 by Cathy Lawday

By Cathy Lawday

A structural syllabus mixed with child-centred actions.

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Alternately, it’s possible that the single human antagonist is stronger than the characters suspect, better connected, and has greater access to potent resources. Thus, this human antagonist might serve as a dogged enemy that continues to resurface over the course of a story or chronicle. Sure, sometimes they think they’ve done away with him, but he always shows back up, some new trick up his sleeve (be it a straight razor or a warrant for their arrest). Another option is a group of humans who work as a nest of antagonists.

Shuck’s Crew haunts a mostly empty stretch of state road between the local freehold and a nearby neighbor. Changelings would be wise to avoid that road whenever possible, but since the interstate adds another two hours to the trip, sometimes there is no choice when speed is of the essence. The motley makes its lair in a creepy farmhouse in a fallow field; according to local lore, the place is haunted by the ghost of the farmer, who went crazy one night and murdered his wife and four children with a wood ax.

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