Graphics in Delphi by Cantu M.

By Cantu M.

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Then I set up some global properties, such as the title of the chart, and so on. , Alameda, CA. Visible end end 57 TBarSeries clRed = False TBarSeries clGreen = False TBarSeries clYellow = False TBarSeries clBlue = False Next I added to the form a string grid and a push button labeled Update. This button is used to copy the numeric values of the string grid to the chart. The grid is based on a 5 × 4 matrix as well as a line and a column for the titles. Here is its textual description: object StringGrid1: TStringGrid ColCount = 6 DefaultColWidth = 50 Options = [goFixedVertLine, goFixedHorzLine, goVertLine, goHorzLine, goEditing] ScrollBars = ssNone OnGetEditMask = StringGrid1GetEditMask end The value 5 for the RowCount property is a default, and it doesn’t show up in the textual description.

In the first cell of each row, the program writes the size of the font, which corresponds to the number of the line plus seven. The last operation is to store the string “AaBbYyZz” in each nonfixed cell of the grid. To accomplish this, the program uses a nested for loop. Expect to use nested for loops often when working with grids. RowHeights [0] := 25; end; Now we can study the second method, StringGrid1DrawCell, which corresponds to the grid’s OnDrawCell event. This method has a number of parameters: • Col and Row refer to the cell we are currently painting.

Checked; end; But the really interesting code is in the UpdateButtonClick method, which updates the chart. , Alameda, CA. SeriesColor); end; end; The parameters of the Add method (used when you don’t want to specify an X value, but only an Y value) are the actual value, the label, and the color. In this example the label is not used, so I’ve simply omitted it. I could have used the default value, clTeeColor, to get the proper color of the series. You might use specific colors to indicate different ranges of data.

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