How To Conduct Puja to Mahalakshmi by Dr. A. V. Srinivasan

By Dr. A. V. Srinivasan

Easy methods to behavior Puja to Saraswati is a part of a nine quantity set of latest paperbacks released by means of Parijata guides, Periplus Line LLC (, 1999 -2009. every one book is 5.25" tall x 4.25" - complete colour hide - b&w illustrations - Sanskrit transliteration & English translation - step by step directions with advent and checklist of fabrics. How-to handbooks for Hindu ceremonies of worship for: Ganapati (Ganesha); Shiva; Lakshmi; Rama; Soorya; Durga, Krishna, Saraswati, the Navagrahas (Nine Planets).

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How difficult it may be to overcome through sheer willpower some problem or some attachment? How simple it is to just immerse oneself in the practice of puja and of Bhakti Yoga? As your heart melts in love of God, love toward all and compassion for all beings begins to dawn; one’s own selfish desires and preoccupations will fall away. I am really delighted that our beloved Dr. V. ” Let these booklets inspire you to conduct puja on a daily basis in your home and to impart these traditions to your children.

In fact businesses use this special day of celebration to close the books for the year and make preparations to begin the new fiscal year. As always, there is the simultaneous requirement to keep the reins of dharma in order to keep control of their lives even as they strive for acquisition of wealth. It is a brilliant, practical, sensible scheme devised by Hindu ancestors and it works when we recognize that we are all entitled to enjoyment of this life as long as we possess the skill to maintain a balance among Dharma, Artha and Kama.

Place the table (or box) against a wall, cover it with a clean cloth, preferably white, and secure the same by tucking it under so that it won't slip off easily. Tape it if necessary such that the tape is not visible. 5"x 11" size, such that it makes about 10 to 15 degrees to the vertical and leans against the wall. Similarly pictures/statues of the family Godhead and Guru may also be arranged on the altar. Prepare one or two lamps with cotton wicks soaking in oil or votive candles in holders. Place the lamp/s about 6" in front of the picture if it is one lamp, or about 10" apart if two lamps.

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