Jern Murdock 02, Uncharted Stars (1969) by Andre Norton

By Andre Norton

Within the sequel to The 0 Stone, Murdoc Jern, a tender gem dealer, and Eet, the mutant tom cat alien, proceed their look for the resource of the mysterious stones of strength, yet they quickly locate themselves up opposed to untold enemies. Reprint.

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The way was not quite so far as it seemed and I came to the gates before I was too tired of trudging over the ice-hardened ground. There were people there and they, too, were strangely enough clad to rivet the attention. Fur garments are known to many worlds where the temperature is such that the inhabitants must add to their natural covering to survive. Such as these, though, I had not seen. Judging by their appearance, animals as large as a man standing at his full height had been slain to obtain skins of shaggy, golden fur.

I was somewhat irked by what I thought I detected underlying his comment. But he was already changing the subject. "We come out of hyper on the yellow signal. " "Eastern. As near the Black River line as you can make it. " "Been a lot of time spinning by since I was there. Things could be changed, even a port there. " He looked over my shoulder at the wall of the cabin as if a map had been video-cast there. " The Big Pot was noted on Lorgal, a giant crater with a burned-out heart which was relatively smooth and which had been used as an improvised space port.

She did turn her head then so those blazing crystal eyes were looking to the gong. And though she raised nothing to strike its surface, it suddenly trembled and the sound which boomed from it was enough to summon an army to attack. " Before I could give her any thanks she was gone, as suddenly as if her whole crystalencrusted body had been a flame and some rise of wind had extinguished it. But though she vanished from my sight, I still lifted my hand in salute and spoke my thanks, lest I be thought lacking in gratitude.

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