Learning from Experience (Maresfield Library) by Wilfred R. Bion

By Wilfred R. Bion

This e-book bargains with emotional studies which are at once comparable either to theories of data and to scientific psycho-analysis, and that during the main functional demeanour.

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I Shall ignore L and H and discuss K as it is important for the analyst and is the link that is germane to learning by experience. In the course of discussing it I hope also to take up further points which are relevant to linking but with which I have not so far been able to deal. My first point is that L or H may be relevant to K but that neither is by itself conducive to K. x K y, the analyst K the analysand, I K Smith, these are statements that represent an emotional experience. Like L and H, K represents an active link and has about it a suggestion that if x K y then x does something to y.

40, para. 6). It will be seen that the use of HKL, to force the analyst to establish the “key” of the session is not the same as using it to record an emotional experience; that is to say it is a usage that provides a less than full account of what is known to have happened. But it introduces an element that must be an essential part of any recording system before that system can be regarded as satisfactory, namely the working tool. To sum up an emotional episode as K is to produce an imperfect record but a good starting point for the analyst's speculative meditation.

Freud's theory that consciousness is the sense-organ of psychic quality, allowed an assumption that a separation was being effected between consciousness and psychic quality. This assumption proved fruitful, but only for a session or two and then I found myself in the same situation as before, or nearly so. I was still thinking of the problem as one that could be solved in terms of transference theory and projective identification, that is to say, that I could assume that patients felt under scrutiny by me and the parts of their personality I was supposed to contain.

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