Mechanics 1 by Pat Bryden

By Pat Bryden

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8 ms~ or sometimes 10 ms~ as an approximation. Most answers are given correct to three significant figures so that you can check your working. 3 A coin is dropped from rest at the top of a building of height 12m and travels in a straight line with constant acceleration 10ms~ . Find the time it takes to reach the ground and the speed of impact. E3 SOLUTION Suppose the time taken to reach the ground is t seconds. Using SI units, u = 0, a = 10 and s = 12 when the coin hits the ground, so you need to use a formula involving uy a, s and t.

Calculate your weight when you are on the earth's surface. What would your weight be if you were on the moon? When people say that a baby weighs 4 kg, what do they mean? Most weighing machines have springs or some other means to measure force even though they are calibrated to show mass. Would something appear to weigh the same on the moon if you used one of these machines? What could you use to find the mass of an object irrespective of where you measure it? Pulleys In the remainder of this chapter weight will be represented by mg.

8) N that is approximately ION. There are about 10 small to medium-sized apples in 1 kg, so each apple weighs about 1 N. Note Anyone who says 1 kg of apples weighs 1 kg is not strictly correct. The terms weight and mass are often confused in everyday language but it is very important for your study of mechanics that you should understand the difference. 5 What is the weight of (i) a baby of mass 3 kg (ii) a golf ball of mass 46 g? 4 N. ). 8 ms . On the. moon g 1000 newtons (N) = 1 kilonewton (kN).

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