Middle Earth Role Playing (Middle Earth Game Rules, by S. Coleman Charlton, John D. Ruemmler

By S. Coleman Charlton, John D. Ruemmler

MERP comprises all of the parts required to play a fable position enjoying video game:

CHARACTER improvement procedure - protecting Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, and so forth.
MAGIC procedure - basic but accomplished ideas for spells.
COMBAT procedure - real looking and flavorful, speedy and playable.
GAMEMASTER directions - fabric overlaying shuttle, encounters, climate, random occasions, therapeutic, poisons, and magic goods.
CREATURES AND RACES - a close appendix protecting the foremost beasts, monsters, and peoples.
SAMPLE event - a beginning event set within the Trollshaws, entire with layouts.

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WRITING PROGRAMS Success Rate: special DISPLAYING INFORMATION Success Rate: 80% + skill level - computer level Computer specialists learn to write their own programs. For every skill level the specialist gains, he learns how to write one computer program. The player should pick a program from the list of programs in the Equipment section. When a specialist writes a program, its level is the same as his current level, no matter when he learned the program. For example, a computer specialist that learned the Installation Security program at 1st level can write a 4th level Installation Security program when he reaches the 4th skill level.

Equipment Because he selected the Robotics skill, his character automatically begins play with a Robcomkit. He rolls 52, so begins his spending spree with 302 Credits. First, for a weapon, he wants to get a Gyrojet rifle, but the referee warns him against doing that, since having 2 Credits left would keep him from affording any rations. He settles for a Gyrojet pistol, and knows that he’ll get something better off an enemy in-game. He automatically gets a full clip of 10 rounds. He buys two extra clips for 10 credits each and has 82 Credits remaining.

Level 3 robots can do more complicated jobs. In addition, all robots that are level 3 or higher can talk and follow verbal instructions. If these instructions disagree with the robot s programming, it will ignore the orders. Level 4 robots can act semi-independently. Their programs are flexible, letting the robot accomplish specific goals using different methods. " one level 4 service robot might give verbal directions, while another might photocopy a city map and mark the proper route on it. Level 5 robots can act independently and give orders to other robots (level 6 robots can do this also).

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