Mirage!: Dassault's Mach-2 Warriors by Philippe Duchateau, Salvador Mafe Huertas

By Philippe Duchateau, Salvador Mafe Huertas

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Sensei Sun The tools necessary to conduct Information Warfare are available to anyone with a motive and a modem. The motives of conducting Information Warfare are the same as they are for conventional warfare—greed, power, politics, fear, and survival. ® Lan Wan Information is important to the citizen; Information is essential to the state; Information is the lifeblood of the nation. ® Ji Wang In order for information to have any value, it must be timely, accurate, and relevant. 39 ® ® Com Pak Wars of the future will be fought with lines of code.

Sadly, most policymakers, flag officers, and corporate executives are not products of the Communications Revolution. They do not understand programming code, the critical value of information, or the inherently “virtual” way the world works, not to mention the vulnerabilities inherent with the growing reliance on information infrastructures. Everyone plans for the major military offensive through the procurement of 35 ® high-profile and glitzy weapon systems, but no one is planning for the critical defense of our less visible—but equally critical—interior vulnerabilities, the “Soft Underbelly” of the country.

The basis of this stratagem is to make things difficult for the hacker. Let them do all the work and make sure that you have no crack in your egg. He may get weary of trying to break into your systems and move on to an easier target. ” National Defense University (Excerpt of 1997 Definition) The ongoing threat lies in the strategic implications of Information Warfare. Take, for example, the conduct of strategic bombing operations against Germany’s industrial complex during World War II which undermined their war effort at home, forcing its government leaders to contend with civil unrest, failing industry, and food shortages in addition to their already complicated war efforts against the Allies on two fronts.

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