Progression Blackjack: Exposing the Card Counting Myth by Donald Dahl

By Donald Dahl

Achieve an greater substitute to the card-counting method with "Progression Blackjack". This ebook deals a progressive process for beginners to grasp the sport and for veteran gamers to contemplate earlier books and techniques out of date.

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The reality is, they are not. ~~ As stated earlier, at one time counters held a significant advantage over the casinos, but with the introduction of multiple decks, quick shuffles and numerous rule changes those days no longer exist. Although a "professional" can still earn money using the count, a large bankroll is required to' support the effort. The advantages seen today are nowhere close to those of the early 1960s. What boils my blood is that today's so-called experts must know that the average recreational player does not have the capital required, or the time, to support the counting systems.

As with the IO-count, the favorable situations are minimal and carry no guarantees. Every blackjack author and his brother now teach some variation of the point count. Many include computer studies with values given for the percentage advantage of various index values. I have yet to read a book or see a video where the expert explains that a high percentage advantage is quite rare. These authors must also believe that the majority ofus are whizzes at division and can divide 12 by 375 and come up with the correct index.

Most systems fail to ensure that larger bets are made while on a winning streak, which is the key to making a profit. The card counting systems only tell the player to bet more when the "chance" of winning a particular hand is to his advantage. With 25 26 PROGRESSION BLACKJACK multiple decks and quick shuffles, however, the instances when a player has a significant advantage are scarce. The Martingale System The Martingale system, also known as the. negative progression or double-up system, is based on the theory that if one is allowed to double-up after each losing hand, he or she should never lose!

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