Psychoanalysis and Complexity by Gabriele Lenti

By Gabriele Lenti

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Psychoanalytic listening : methods, limits, and innovations

'Joseph Breuer's celebrated sufferer, Anna O. , precise psychoanalysis to be a "talking cure". She was once right insofar as psychoanalysis does position communique on the heart level. even if, the point of interest upon the patient's and therapist's talking actions diverted cognizance from how the 2 events hearken to one another.

The other side of desire : Lacan's theory of the registers

Explores Lacan's idea of the registers via readings of a wide selection of texts. the opposite part of hope places Jacques Lacan's theoretical constructs to paintings on texts as diverse as Plato's Symposium, Hamlet, Tootsie, and the journals of Sylvia Plath, making the concepts of Lacanian research available to a large choice of readers.

Post Kleinian Psychoanalysis

Kenneth Sanders' publication combines a ancient method of the literature of Freud, Klein and the put up Kleinian improvement, with demonstrations of the principal function of dream research. scholars and practitioners of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, educationalists, social scientists, medical professionals, and alll those that price the endeavour to complement their paintings with mind's eye will locate nice meals for idea in those seminars, either within the survay of the literature, the case histories defined, and within the concluding query and solution debates.

Transference and Countertransference: A Unifying Focus of Psychoanalysis

Due to the fact Freud's preliminary papers on transference and countertransference, those big and inexhaustible topics have occupied psychoanalysts. Transference and countertransference, the essence of the patient/analyst courting, are strategies so critical to psychoanalysis that, to our minds, they go beyond theoretical orientation and, therefore, may be visible because the unifying concentration of psychoanalysis.

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Mahler speaks about affective-motor libidinisation of the Self which would be a result of tactile and kinesthetic stimulation by adults who, through a positive attitude towards the baby, would help them to build up a basis for the integration of the body-self (Mahler 1975). Mahler was echoed by Edith Jacobson, who uses the concept of libidinal investment and adds the concept of self as a representation of feelings, behaviors and desires, a factor which is more suitable than ego to be included in a relational approach (Jacobson, 1954).

28 Gabriele Lenti The Ego ideal is prevalently related to drive control while the narcissistic Self is closely interwoven with the drives and their inexorable tensions, therefore Kohut concludes that: “the ego experiences the influence of the ego ideal as coming from above and that of the narcissistic self as coming from below”. ) and that in the maintenance of the homeostatic narcissistic equilibrium of the personality , the interplay of the narcissistic self, the ego, and the super-ego may be depicted in this way.

The formal cause concerns the form of scientific law which rules the logical coherence between events, and the manner in which it is conceived in the mind of the scientist. The efficient cause consists in the concept of ultimate cause of an operation, in the usual sense of the word, as it is contained, for example, in the explanation of the operation even of a very simple mechanism. A hammer blow causes (efficient cause) the penetration of the nail into the wood.

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