Resistances of Psychoanalysis by Jacques Derrida

By Jacques Derrida

Within the 3 essays that make up this stimulating and sometimes startling ebook, Jacques Derrida argues opposed to the concept that the elemental principles of psychoanalysis were completely labored via, argued, and assimilated.

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What we have just approached is both a hyperanalytic necessity-the law of a "one must analyze endlessly," what is more, "it is analyzing itself indefinitely," "it is indefinitely analyzable," therefore it must be analyzed hyperbolytically, there remaim always to be analyzed-and as well the other law that en- Resistances 35 joins us to take into account what is more or less than a resistance to analysis, a remaining of this "there remains to" that makes of every analytic telos (the term of the analysis as principial of the principle, of the simple element, of the originary, or the arkhe) another resistance to analysis.

The hyperanalyticism with which I identify "deconstruction" is a double gesture in this regard, double and contradictory, doubly bound, which is to say, bound! unbound in what one can call a double bind or double constraint: I. on the one hand, to inherit and take inspiration from this Enlightenment, as from that which is repeated, reaffirmed, and displaced in our time-within both the reason of a transcendental phenomenology as well as within psychoanalytic reason and even, despite his lack of sympathy or apparent affinity with Aufkliirung, within the existential analytic of the Dasein and the whole path of thinking thereby opened by Heidegger; 2.

This logico-grammatical modality seems interesting because, among other things, it is always me who says "we"; it is always an "I" who utters "we," supposing thereby, in effect, in the asymmetrical structure of the utterance, the other to be absent, dead, in any case incompetent, or even arriving too late to object. The one signs for the other. " Who will ever have the right to say: "We love each other"? But is there any other origin of love, any other amorous performative than this presumptuousness?

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