Riddles of the Sphinx and Other Mathematical Puzzle Tales by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

"Solving those riddles isn't easily a question of good judgment and calculation, although those play a job. success and thought are components to boot, so novices and specialists alike might profitably workout their wits on Gardner's difficulties, whose topics variety from geometry to note play to questions in relation to physics and geology. We be sure that you'll resolve a few of these riddles, be stumped via others, and be amused by means of just about all of the tales and settings that Gardner has devised to elevate those questions." --Back hide. learn more... Riddles of the Sphinx -- Precognition and the Mystic Seven -- directly to Charmain -- know-how on VZIGS -- The Valley of misplaced issues -- round the sun approach -- The Stripe on Barberpolia -- the line to Mandalay -- The Black gap of Cal Cutter -- technology myth Quiz -- The Barbers of Barberpolia -- it is all performed with Mirrors -- devil and the Apple -- How's-that-again Flanagan -- Relativistically conversing -- Bar Bets at the Bagel -- trap the BEM -- Animal TTT -- enjoying secure at the Bagel -- intercourse one of the Polyomans -- internal Planets Quiz -- Puzzles in Flatland -- Dirac's Scissors -- Bull's-eyes and Pratfalls -- Flarp Flips and one other Fiver -- Blues within the evening -- back, How's That back? -- Alice in Beeland -- Hustle Off to Buffalo -- Ray Palmer's Arcade -- Puzzle Flags on Mars -- The Vanishing Plank -- 987654321 -- Time-reversed Worlds -- The knowledge of Solomon -- Thang, the Planet Eater

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