Sherlock Holmes Puzzles by Tom Bullimore

By Tom Bullimore

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From the conversation he learned that William was now as old as Mary was when William was A n n e ' s present age. Anne was then half what William was now, and one-third of what Mary would be in three years time. Can you work out the ages of all three children? Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 45 Holmes was sitting in the study of 221b Baker Street gazing idly at the blazing fire. "What are you thinking a b o u t ? " asked Watson. " "How interesting," replied Watson somewhat halfheartedly. What was the number Holmes had originally thought of?

H e knew the stolen jewels were in the box belonging to Professor Moriarty, but he didn't know which box. The boxes were stacked in three rows of four (see diagram). The attendant refused to tell Holmes which box had been used by Moriarty. but he did give him the information listed below. 1. The box belonging to J O N E S was to the right of B L A C K ' S box and directly above M I L L A R ' S . 2. B O O T H ' S box was directly above G R A Y ' S . 3. SMITH'S box was also above G R A Y ' S (although not directly).

P a r d o n ? " said Lestrade. " N o need to look confused, Inspector," said Holmes. " Can you work out how old Smith and Jones are? Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 38 Holmes and Watson had set their pocket watches to the same time. Unknown to them, Watson's watch was running exactly two minutes per hour slow, and the watch belonging to Holmes was going exactly a minute per hour too fast. Later, when they checked their watches again, it was discovered that the watch belonging to Holmes was exactly one hour ahead of Watson's watch.

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