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TransÉnergie’s project got caught in a tussle between Connecticut and New York. S. president Jeff Donahue. What makes the gridlock tragic is that it’s stifling the application of advanced transmission technologies that promise to not only facilitate power sharing across the continent’s aging power grids but also make them more reliable. TransÉnergie’s Cross Sound Cable is one of the first in a string of power lines that exploit digital switching, a technique that allows unprecedented control over electrical flows in the network while simultaneously filtering out dangerous spikes and sags (more on that later).

The machine is inICT firms Employees of mobiles at the College of tended to provide information191,600 top ICT firms Automotive Engineering at processing services for research Internet users per 1,000 46 Shanghai Tongji University organizations, manufacturers, people is developing what it calls the and commercial enterprises Mobile phones per 1,000 161 “Chunhui” (or “Spring Sunthroughout China. 6% (% of GDP) have independent electric S O U R C E S : I N T E R N AT I O N A L also attacked what has been drives for each of their four SACE RQVUI CI SEI TFI OONR OT HF E one of the most significant gaps R I - B I OT E C H A P P L I CA wheels.

Who don’t own PCs with a sort of virtual machine—as long as Laura Somoggi is editor of Harvard they have access to a pub- Business Review Latin America. China Chinese researchers are pursuing a SARS vaccine— and energy and computing independence. By Elsie Chan CR E DIT SOME OF THE world’s most polluted cities are in China, so it’s no surprise that clean energy sources are one of the country’s research-and-development priorities. The Solar Energy Institute at Shanghai Jiaotong University, for instance, has built a one-story, 245-square-meter prototype house that relies on multiple forms of renewable energy, supplemented with energy from conventional sources.

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