THE ROAD TO HELL by Paul Levine

By Paul Levine

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Theatre, Facilitation, and Nation Formation in the Balkans and Middle East (Studies in International Performance)

How may theatre interfere in violent inter-ethnic conflicts? This e-book addresses this query via distinct case stories within the Balkans and the Middle East, displaying how theatrical facilitations version ways in which ethnic oppositions can movement in the direction of moral relationships.

The Cosmopolitan Military: Armed Forces and Human Security in the 21st Century

What function should still nationwide militaries play in an more and more globalised and interdependent international? This ebook examines the customarily tricky transition they've got made towards missions aimed toward holding civilians and selling human defense, and asks no matter if we would count on the emergence of defense force that exist to serve the broader human group.

Civilians and Modern War : Armed Conflict and the Ideology of Violence

This e-book explores the problem of civilian devastation in smooth war, targeting the advanced techniques that successfully identify civilians’ id in instances of war.

Underpinning the physicality of war’s tumult are structural forces that create landscapes of civilian vulnerability. Such forces function in 4 sectors of recent conflict: nationalistic ideology, state-sponsored militaries, worldwide media, and foreign associations. each one quarter promotes its personal structures of civilian identification relating to militant warring parties: structures that end up deadly to the civilian noncombatant who lacks political strength and decision-making capability on the subject of their very own survival.

Civilians and glossy struggle presents a severe evaluate of the plight of civilians in conflict, reading the political and normative underpinnings of the choices, activities, regulations, and practices of significant sectors of warfare. The members search to undermine the ‘tunnelling impact’ of the militaristic framework in regards to the studies of noncombatants.

This booklet can be of a lot curiosity to scholars of struggle and clash stories, ethics, clash solution, and IR/Security stories.

Re-Making Kozarac: Agency, Reconciliation and Contested Return in Post-War Bosnia

This e-book explores organisation, reconciliation and minority go back in the context of ethnic detoxification in Bosnia. It specializes in a group in North-West Bosnia, which effectively reversed the worst episode of ethnic detoxification sooner than Srebrenica through struggling with for go back, after which setting up one of many merely profitable examples of contested minority go back within the city of Kozarac.

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