The Shattered Chain (Darkover 10: Renunciates) by Marion Zimmer Bradley

By Marion Zimmer Bradley

Whereas simply ladies can command the facility of the matrix and the key sciences which retain Darkover from Terran arms, in so much respects they're nonetheless chattels. however the loose Amazons are thought of equivalent to males, and it's they who give you the key to the Terran-Darkover hassle.

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He was a slightly built, serious-looking man about Rohana's own age; like many of the Hasturs, his flaming hair had already begun to turn white. He frowned in Jaelle's direction, and said tactlessly, "I suppose there is no doubt she is Jalak's child? Now if Melora had been already pregnant when she was captured, or if we could put it about that this was the case-" Jaelle was biting her lip; Rohana feared she would cry. She said coldly that, unfortunately or not, there was no doubt about the girl's parentage.

I cannot remember when I really slept last. And it seems a pity to sleep now, when I am with you again, and safe ... and I am happy.... Tell me all the news of our kinfolk, Rohana. Does Marius Elhalyn still rule in Thendara? What of our people, our friends-tell me everything," she said yearningly, and Rohana had not the heart to silence her. "That is a long story and would take many days and hours in the telling. Dom Marius died the year after you were taken; Aran Elhalyn keeps the throne warm from year to year, and as usual the Lord of Hastur is the true ruler; not old Istvan, he is senile, but Lorill Hastur, who was his heir.

I have never traveled here before, but I can see the kyorebni circling as they do only over water. " She grimaced. " Kindra looked back and said slowly, "Pray to your Goddess, Lady, that domna Melora is able to enjoy that meal. Ride back to her, Lady Rohana, and reassure her that we will make camp just a little farther on. " Her face, in the gathering darkness, was deeply troubled. Rohana did as she was bidden, sighing. It seemed that never in her life had she known such prolonged and incessant fatigue.

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