Ultimate Sniper 2006 : An Advanced Training Manual for by John L. Plaster

By John L. Plaster

Лучший англоязычный учебник по снайпингу. Охватывает практически весь спектр вопросов касающихся высокоточной стрельбы по живым мишеням.
Особо следует отметить, что это последнее, расширенное издание. К книге можно найти на западных трекерах и одноименный учебный фильм.

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C ondu ct th ese test s result in suitable accuracy for hunting, but it is with the safety on and off. not appropriate for a sniper rifle . In contrast to m ost heav y, fact or y-installed To ensure that my barrel channel is free of tri gger s, the ve ry impre ssi ve Savage Accubit s of refu se th at could to uc h th e barrel, I run the tri angular band age I wear as a b andan a Trigger is a smooth -p u lling , crisply breaking trigger that's easily ad ju ste d as low as 1 1/2 down its length before firing .

CAMOUFLAGE NETTING: This is for positional cam ouflage or concealment of equipment. Military netting as used today is the best ever developed . CHEESEC LOT H : A piece of white cheesecloth taped or tacked on the inside of an open window pan e largely eliminates outsiders from seeing in, although a sniper inside a room can clearly see and shoot through it. Navigation Aids MAP : For route planning, range estimation, and terrain analysis-not to mention just plain knowing where he is-a sniper needs a map.

VOX radios and signal devices are critical tools, but they must be used passively and withoutdetection to be effective. \: D E Q U IP i\l E N T GLINT TAPE: This dull black tape (or squares of it) resembles ordinary duct tape and will not reflect visible light. H owever, th e code d IR light of an AC-130 Sp ectre gunship m akes it brilliantly shine and flash-yet it's visible only to th ose viewing through night vision devi ces. Glint tape is sewn or glued to helmets and shoulders for instant night recognition .

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