Wild Cards 03, Jokers Wild by George R.R. Martin

By George R.R. Martin

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Sixteen. Country girl from Louisiana. Jack says she's real prettytall, slender, black hair, dark brown eyes. That's all he told me. He sounded pretty upset. " "I'll put the word out in the station houses," said Rosemary. "That much I can do. " She took a fountain pen out of the desk set by her hip. Bagabond nodded her appreciation. " "Who says I'm off the street? " Rosemary sighed and continued to play with the fountain pen. It was obvious she had other things on her mind. "Things are getting worse with the Family.

At first, upon exiting the Port Authority, he'd searched at random, fighting his way first one direction through the crowds, then another. Then the human level of his mind started to calm the urgent reptile brain. Set up a grid. Don't repeat a line of search. Try downtown. Consider Fortunato a lead. He didn't know that the guy he supposed was a pimp was one of Fortunato's freelance talent scouts; in fact, he didn't know if the man even used that kind of scavenging talent; but it was worth a try.

Chrysalis leaned across the table. " "They're no good against him. He's got me jammed, like they used to jam radar with tinfoil. " He pointed and Chrysalis, her eyes suddenly afraid, turned slowly to follow his finger. "No," she said. " Fortunato was no longer looking at her. He was building up the image of a tall, grotesquely thin man with brown hair and a ravaged face. If Demise was close enough, within a few blocks, Fortunato could find him just by concentrating. He opened his eyes. "Canal Street," he said.

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