An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson

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In far-off Roman province of Syria, the Christ had lived, the Christ had died. The expansive Exploration Park includes picnic areas, playgrounds, waterplay area, walking trails, replicas of a western town and Indian village, archaeology dig site, outdoor amphitheater and more. At the cardinal points in the tan field are the four sacred mountains. Many of these have been displayed in a traveling exhibit entitled “The Sewer History Exhibit” The overall collection of sewer history materials covers the era from approximately 3500 BCE through the 1930s CE.

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To the Moon (Great Expeditions)

Pizarro, Orellana (Wld Exp) (Z) (World Explorers)

Lewis and Clark: Famed Explorers of the American Frontier (Spotlight on Explorers and Colonization)

Another Chinese explorer, Shu Shan Gee is credited with having visited the same coastline about 1000 years before Columbus "re-discovered" America epub. Explorer Christopher Columbus thought that he could sail west, across the Atlantic Ocean, to China. He could not get the Portuguese to fund his expedition, so he went to the Spanish. Spanish monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand agreed to pay for Columbus' trip. In 1492 Columbus discovered the New World of the Americas ref.: Exploring Space (Discovery and Exploration) Lawrence in the great ocean steamers to-day, on their way to Canada, ever give a thought to the little pioneer French ships that four hundred years ago thought they were sailing toward Cathay? "Savages," as Cartier calls the Indians, told him that he was near the mouth of the great river Hochelaga (now the St. Lawrence), which became narrower "as we approach towards Canada, where the water is fresh." "On the first day of September," says Cartier, "we set sail from the said harbour for Canada." Synge 421 Sturt traces the Darling and Murray Rivers 424 Burke and Wills cross Australia 429 Ross discovers Victoria Land in the Antarctic 432 Franklin discovers the North-West Passage 440 Livingstone crosses Africa from West to East 452 Burton and Speke discover Lake Tanganyika 454 Speke sees Victoria Nyanza 457 Livingstone finds Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa 461 Speke and Grant enter Uganda 468 Baker meets Speke and Grant at Gondokoro 470 Baker discovers Albert Nyanza 477 Livingstone finds Lakes Meoro and Bangweolo 482 Stanley finds Livingstone 484 Livingstone dies at Ilala 499 Stanley finds the Mouth of the Congo 509 Nordenskiöld solves the North-East Passage 519 Younghusband enters Lhasa 524 Nansen reaches Farthest North 534 Peary reaches the North Pole 544 Amundsen reaches the South Pole 1828-31 1861 1840 1847 1849-56 1857 1858 1858-64 1861 1861 1864 1868 1871 1873 1877 1879 1904 1895 1909 1911 The Project Gutenberg e-Book of A Book of Discovery, by M Marco Polo (Great Names)

These facts are just part of the evidence suggesting "accepted" theories on the discovery of Australia could well be wide of the mark. Were the Dutch explorers really the first discoverers of Australia? Or was it the Spanish or Portuguese; or far earlier mariners from Asia, the near or middle-east download? February 20, 1999 - the Russian Soyuz TM29 lifts off for the Mir space station. This is scheduled to be the final mission to Mir, and when the crew of TM29 departs Mir in August of 1999, they leave the space station empty for the first time in almost exactly 10 years ref.: National Aeronautics and Space read for free National Aeronautics and Space. Though apprehensive, Montezuma welcomed Cortés into the capital because he believed that he was the legendary god Quetzalcoatl, whose return was predicted to signal final days of Tenochtitlan. Cortés and his men held Montezuma as a virtual prisoner, and plundered the vast wealth of the region. Cortés, for example, forced Montezuma to provide Indian laborers to mine more gold. Although Cortés and his small army were greatly outnumbered, they could do most anything they desired because they ruled the empire through Montezuma To the Ocean Deep (Great Expeditions)

Extraordinary Explorers and Adventurers (Extraordinary People)

The Colonial and Postcolonial Middle East (Colonial and Postcolonial Experience)

Who Journeyed on the Mayflower? (Primary Source Detectives)

Cook never allowed any one to appear dirty before him , e.g. Government (Colonial Life) read pdf Government (Colonial Life). Video clip synopsis – In his first great voyage of discovery, James Cook is chosen to find and explore the 'Great Southern Land'. To download a free copy of this Video Clip choose from the options below. These require the free Quicktime Player. Great Southern Continent is an excerpt from A Likely Lad, the first episode of the 4 x one-hour series Captain Cook – Obsession and Discovery, produced in 2007 ref.: The Conquest of The New World (At Issue (Library)) Great authors included Petrarch and Boccaccio Robert De La Salle (Great Explorers) He tells us a good story about the "Lord of India," who always went to war with two thousand elephants. "Once upon a time this king would lay siege to an island city of the Indians, which was on every side protected by water. A long while he sat down before it, until, what with his elephants, his horses, and his soldiers, all the water had been drunk up , source: Exploration and Settlement (Colonial Life) Exploration and Settlement (Colonial. Stanley now took his whole expedition to Uganda, and after spending some months with the King he passed on to Lake Tanganyika, crossing to Ujiji, where he arrived in May 1876. Here five years before he had found Livingstone. "We launched our boat on the lake and, circumnavigating it, discovered that there was only a periodical outlet to it Biographies of the New World: download online And then Ross gave up all further discovery for the time being in this direction. "Even if it be imagined that some narrow strait may exist through these mountains, it is evident that it must for ever be unnavigable," he says decidedly. "Being thus satisfied that there could be no further inducement to continue longer in this place, I shaped my course for the next opening which appeared in view to the westward." That said, he wasn't the only pioneer plying the seas in the 1400s. In Portugal, Vasco da Gama was busy integrating Europe into the Indian Ocean Trade by sailing around Africa. Chinese admiral Zheng He was also traveling far and wide in the largest wooden ships ever built. Columbus, whether portrayed as hero or villain, is usually credited as the great sailor of the 15th century, but he definitely wasn't the only contender The Mayflower Pilgrims download for free

Vasco Da Gama: Discovering the Sea Route to India (Great Explorers of the World)

Trade and Commerce (Colonial Life)

Herodotus and the Explorers of the Classical Age (World Explorers)

Finding the Lost Cities

Antarctica (Exploration and Discovery)

Exploring The Pacific (Discovery & Exploration)

Explorers and Settlers of Spanish Texas: Men and Women of Spanish Texas

To the Moon (Great Expeditions)

The Age of Exploration (World History Series)

Frozen Secrets: Antarctica Revealed

The Age of Exploration (Early American History (Rosen))

Ferdinand Magellan (Wld Expl) (Z) (World Explorers)

Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny in American History

Exploration and Settlement (Colonial Life)

Exploring Space (Discovery and Exploration)

Human Migration: Investigate the Global Journey of Humankind (Inquire and Investigate)

La Salle: French Explorer of the Mississippi (Great Explorers of the World)

Creating America: Student Edition Beginnings through Reconstruction 2007

The Zebulon Pike Expedition (Essential Events (ABDO))

A Timeline History of Early American Indian Peoples (Timeline Trackers: America's Beginnings)

Henry Hudson: Dutch Explorer of the Hudson River and Bay (Spotlight on Explorers and Colonization)

We were once more afloat on a magnificent stream, nearly a mile wide, curving north-west. 'Ha! The Project Gutenberg e-Book of A Book of Discovery, by M. Synge THE SEVENTH CATARACT, STANLEY FALLS. But day after day as they dropped down stream new enemies appeared, until at last, at the junction of the Aruwimi, a tributary as large as the main stream, a determined attack was made on them by some two thousand warriors in large canoes Marco Polo (Great Names) Passing many islands "with gold and much trade," after three months at sea they reached Java, at this time supposed to be the greatest island in the world, above three thousand miles round , source: The Gold Rush (History download epub It's important to have an idea of who you are, so self-exploration activities are important to the Discovery! process. Identifying and understanding your strengths, interests, and values helps you to eliminate and/or confirm major and career possibilities California's Gold Rush download for free And off in the distance stood a low mountain range. Even from their ships in the cove, the Norse would have recognized this site as an ideal spot. It had a sheltered harbor, a favorable beach on which the ships could be landed, a ready supply of wood, and a near certain chance of the presence of bog iron and the other raw materials needed for smelting iron. There is insufficient evidence at this time for anything other than a guess Who Traveled to the Moon? (Primary Source Detectives) These voyages were different than those previously conducted by the Portuguese because they covered a much larger area. Earlier sailors relied on portolan charts which are maps created for navigators based off of land features Daily Living (Colonial Life) download epub Daily Living (Colonial Life). This contact proved to be crucial to the success of the project, as the NRRL was a key contributor of innovations that made large-scale production of penicillin possible. Orville May, Director of the NRRL, agreed to have the Laboratory undertake a vigorous program to increase penicillin yields under the direction of Robert Coghill, Chief of the Fermentation Division , e.g. Henry Hudson: English Explorer read online Henry Hudson: English Explorer of the. What is more, the Vikings had composed accounts of these explorations and settlements, accounts that were relatively well-known, at least in northern Europe and Iceland. Lawrence estuary (the Grand Banks was teeming with marine life, and Portuguese cod-fishers and Basque whalers had been hunting those waters (and setting up processing stations on shore) for many years Giovanni Da Verrazzano: read here Giovanni Da Verrazzano: Explorer of the. Though Columbus was not the first to discover the New World, his landing in the New World in 1492 is important: it ushered in an era of unprecedented European exploration and settlement of the Americas. This period is known as the Age of Exploration , cited: Words That Changed History - download online download online. Stories told by the Vikings about gods and goddesses, giants and strange creatures Henry Hudson: Ill-Fated read here By the 17th century, attracted by the legend of a Christian kingdom isolated in the heart of East Africa and surrounded by Islamic warriors, Portugal sent missionaries and soldiers to help the Ethiopian rulers and to protect the faith. It was the first contact for centuries between Europe and the old, exotic Ethiopian Christian kingdom (mentioned in some chronicals as the “Preste Juan” kingdom) online. The director undermines the text by filming beautiful landscapes with lush trees and naked Indian women. This juxtaposition between film “reality” and a “real” narrated letter for others to read in Europe plays major recurring theme in Nelson Pereira dos Santos How Tasty was My Little Frenchmen, a political allegory of early European and Native relations. The film was funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture; its plot is loosely based on Hans Staden’s 1557 captivity narrative , e.g. Who Traveled to the Moon? (Primary Source Detectives)

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